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Even more on Mcweir Archive

Ok - on the issue of Angst, hurt comfort and tragedy.
for those who are looking for tragedy - it will be extreme angst set as a warning - still searchable too :)

Genre's list still lengthy - perhaps suggestion of now more than 10 used could be a guideline. Can't be enforced but if we rely on peole to self regulate.

Have found out it may be possible to have main ship, secondary ship, main characters, secondary characters and other.
Someone mentioned how list was too long but hopefully by being able to split them up it might work better. Also if people only submitted characters who were in the chapter submitted or key characters.

Unbeta'ed is going out too, sicne most think it uneccessary. As are the spoiler warnings - leaving it up to authors to put it in.

Challenge and crossover are to be categories.

Peanut has offered to work on character files for our dear Drs as well as the fanfic glossary (but email me if you want to work on it too becuase the workload can be split)

There's been a suggested the skin should incorporate the Atlantean stained glass window/Frank Llyod Wright sort of style.

People seem to like the rotating banner idea (think gateworld banners) and I'd say 600 wide by 200 tall is a good size. So if people want to get maknig any prototype banner for it.

We're going with McWeir and so banners should say McWeir - up to you what font - rather than have text overlayed since it may not work with every banner colour etc. They need to include either one or simply be McWeirish even if neither are in shot. You can write slogans etc if you like, though we'll have to decide some how which to use but more the merrier. I have an idea of how the banners could be

integrated into the skin but I can't explain - I'll get working on a banner and a prototype shot of what the idea was in my graphics program. When I have some thing i'll post it to see what you all think.

Any feel free to use the screencaps at my site for maknig banners. They are by episode number but not all done yet! Otherwise you obviously need permission of whoevers caps you use.


On skin colour blue has been suggested - like the waters of Atlantis, but we'll see sinc eno one is maknig skin yet. I'd give links for how to make eFiction skins but I can't find any! I know it will likely involve php though.

As for domain names - for the general site - McWeir.com? McWeirArchive.com? McWeirCentral.com?

I'm looking into whether ratings can be optionally turned off but I think just turning them off overall might be needed for now.

And we should have tally of stories and authors for archive as the system allows too (with a mod that's out there), in case anyone was wondering (I was asked about it you see)

There will be a help section for system questions. A FAQ for McWeir terms and stuff and about what is

fanfic roughly and help for writing etc.
Then a glossary, like an A-Z. Feel free to get started on it. I'm thinknig we might need a LJ or some thing to keep tabs on what's what for this and who's doing what maybe!

Future cateogry has been suggested too. Should it be in there, should it be with AU or on it's own?
Pre-relationship could be combined with UST or even dropped?

Note: Sub-genre's would be nice but can't do them. Categories can have
sub-cateogries but problem with that is I don't think you can have a
story under more than one category unlike being able to select as many
genre's as apply. Sub-genre's would be something for the customarchive script or a mod request.

Also we could probably use eFiction for the general site as well. It's often sued not only for fanfic. We could have moderated system for users to add icons, wallpapers, news, fanart and you name it.

downside to that so far is even if the skin is near identical (just missing off the 'fanfic archive' writing) that you'd have to register with both bcuase they'd use separate databases I think. not too clear on how that would work but might be a way around it, might already be possibly but haven't manage to try. I'll keep everyone update on progress on that.

Anything esle? Nope. that it and I'm exhausted. i've not even done any of the real work yet either.
So to recap, things you can do (even if you don't do webdesign etc)

a)spread the news and get more people onboard
b)try your hand a making a banner for McWeir! practice makes perfect, so don't be afraid to start learning now either. plenty of free decent graphics programs out there. I recommend GIMP for windows.
c)offer to help write the help, FAQ or glossary
d)come up with the dieas. even if you can't make a skin you could still come up with a skin design
(perhaps draw a rough sketch and scan it?)
e)come up with suggestions for what you want and what could be improved
Tags: mckay/weir, mcweir.com, my graphics, screencaps, sga

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