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Website stuff


We still need to decide on a font.
It's been suggested we should choose family of fonts for site. Here's image of some, they are mainly being suggested for the headers and not main text. Please recommend any others you think would be good.
Broadway it populat so far because of the 30's/Art nouveau feel like the Atlantis styles.

Bmp file of possible fonts we could use.
Thoughts welcomed.


I think it might be better if banner's didn't have McWeir on them (and had it overlaid or separate)
but nothing wrong with including quotes on them or cool tag lines about mcweir. They don't have to be straight from caps as they are either. Can apply effects or have a few scenes put togehter nicely.
They can be on Elizabeth or rodney or them together - or even someone else entirely as long as it's McWeir related (thinking Sheppard or Zelenka as a victim of McWeir in The Storm :) )

Oh and remember 600 by 200 for banners, unless anyone thinks it's too

Blue alone has been suggested too McKay-centric but ocean colours were another options.

What about Atlantean window design for the background or even some how
taking that design work and translating it over to match up the possible ocean backgorund worked on?
Maybe a toned down and ocean blue/green version of the stained glass window?


There's also this that has been suggested could influence the design

Well I've come up with idea for panneling for around menu and banner
etc. but not got any good background ideas. I still need to make a
rough copy up using screncaps and tools in GIMP. Was thinking using
the copper of Atlantis room pannelnig might work well, with background
colour of the cut out panel bits (where text would be) could be an
ocean blue or the lumiescent colour. But anyway I've made a mockup of possible design - inspred by the following caps.


Here it is

I can reference caps I was using to cut/paste bits, though what we
really need is someone able to make it from scratch with caps as

Anyway, this mockup is only a suggestion and comments on the general
design would be nice.

Also on the matter of the skin. Most only need to be html - it would
be someone's (mine...?)job to interweave the html site file into the
skin files. So you only need html experience (preferably not made into
frontpage etc though sicne it puts in lots of extra code that's not
easy to deal with when hand coding). I've also already found a free
rotating banner javascript so no worried there.

Even if no one knows about skins mockups are still possible.
Bear in mind screen size estimated at 1024 by 768 (though I imagine it
will need to be adjustable somehow for small resolution - not quite
sure how other sites manage that or if they do)

We need place for title McWeir fanfiction archive, the banners, login
username and password area and also categories, recent stories and
tally of stories/authors. so anyone feel free to make mockups.
And if you've been dabblnig at banner maknig it'd be great to see what
anyone's come up with so far.
Tags: mckay/weir, mcweir.com, sga

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