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Much more stuff on website

The plan now seems to have evolved to 2 sites under Mcweir.net domain name.

As has been pointed out the site(s) would need backing up and so maybe professional hosting might be better - which I may be able to get a reasonable deal on at a local hosting company - although this would be me paying for it and for the domain - not sure how it would work any other way (paypal contributions? but we're not going to be a charity so...don't know how it'd work). Having hosting there would solve bandwidth problems for having graphics and screencaps and vids. Plus it'd be more reliable than the server at my house which goes down for couple of hours a week generally, like when electricity runs out :)

Anyway. Suggestion was mcweir.net (cheaper than .com you see) which goes to the general site, Mcweir central, which has a nice big link somewhere to it's sister site Mcweir Fanfic Archive.

Mcweir Central would have SGA news, graphics (icons, wallpapers, screencaps etc), vids (not sure on legality here if hosting them, especially if being an affiliate), interviews or links to for either David or Torri, the mcweir FAQ, character biographies, affiliates, link to us banners, link to forums (forums either being our own if we need or to the ancientcity forums), episode reviews.

Ancient city forums here - has mcweir thread.

There's probably other stuff too but I've forgotten some of it - make any suggestions if you have any.

Plus it's suggested we have 3 skins (since the site would be using eFiciton too, just not for fics) an Elizabeth one, a Rodney one and a McWeir one - users choose. That way the 80 + banners we've already
got (big thanks to both Patti and Peanut form weirmcakyship for those, plus Vana is working on some too!) can be split up, having Elizabeth ones for her skin etc.

I don't think the banners all needs captions on - for some it might ruin them. So I suggest that most of the powerful images don't and that most of those go on the generel site - with a few banners having a captioned and uncaptioned version. I think it might be fitting to have most of the captioned ones on the fanfic site - for a more tongue in cheek feel and to get the fic bunnies gonig maybe. not to say there couldn't be uncaptioned ones there or a few captioned one son the other sites skins. It's just an idea.
A caption contest was suggested for the captioning too.

Also we would take Mcweir mainly but also stuff for Rodney or Elizabeth on their own and multiship stuff as lnog as ther'es Mcweir in there, if that's ok with everyone?

One way to finance the side would to be an affiliate to amazon.co.uk/com for linking to the books/dvd's etc?

Then the fic archive - maybe one skin for now, since they suggestion of 3 skins for the general site came from some pretty graphics Peanut made involving the Atlantean windows (head on over to Peanut folder in the weirmckayship photo section) that might fit well with them. Peanut said they would try at a mockup and there may be someone else helpnig with the realisaiton of the fanfic skin too. Nothing is set in stone though, so speak up if you have any comments/complaints. Plus it might work well if challenges had it's own normal html page and admin sort out adding the response to it, jonas fic does this and it may work better than having it as cateogry. Though the roundrobin feature exist in system (just haven't played with system yet to see what it's like) and maybe challenges could work similarly and under shared category?

What else?
On fanfic archive news, testing can't be begun sicne my admin firend forgot his password!
But then there's no rush quite yet when there's decisions not finalised or anything.

Review alerts for authors are in the system, as lnog as users turn them on in profiles and the choice of skins for site is on wraithbait, so I must find out if they've got a mod for it or if it's in the system as standard.

On the skins - to clarify mainly graphics are what's need. Components of over design that would be fixed nicely into a skin with the efiction code and html/css. I can do the putting togehter of the skin
reasonbly well but need the designs and the actual graphics for me to do it with. Any design plans (even if you can only come up with a sketch to inspire someone else more graphically minded) are good.

Think that does it just about. sorry for any typos, pulling all this together can be tough and typos are least of my worries, though I tried to get rid of most.
Tags: mckay/weir, mcweir.com, sga

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