Purpleyin/Hans (missyvortexdv) wrote,

Fannish to-do list

This is a list of stuff I need/intend to do. In no particular order but feel free to bug me frequently about any/all of them. I'm putting it up mainly to motivate myself. I aim to get all these done by the end of December and want to shame myself into doing if all else fails... Also if I've promised anything not included on the list do feel free to remind me and I'll add.


-0.5x kav secret santa
-1 post-lifeline m/w fic
-1 au smut m/w fic
-SEW 1 elizabeth/radek post seige 3 ficlet
-SEW 1 carson/elizabeth vid
-1 teyla/sheppard vid
-SEW 1 small item for aaobuttons
-SEW 1 mckay/sheppard/weir vid
-9x cooper/violet fics
-fanfic100's must get progress even if only drabbles
-1 mohinder/sylar smut fic
-1 isaac/eden friendship fic
-1 multichaptered sga character ficlets series!
-more cadman/lorne somehow it's in my brain angstily and playful (no one remind me how much I like lorne/novak either)
-finish pressure 4400 fic
-finish sacrifices 4400 fic
-Primeval icons
-Hex icons
-Supernatural comic icons
-Primeval prompt drabbles


-SEW icons for Jenny (4 S/W, 1 M/W + 1 M/W/S)
-2x Private Practice Cooper/Violet fic
-1 Heroes Eden fic
-1 Heroes Sylar fic
-watched Fi's DVD's and sent them back with more for her!
-2.5x kav secret santa
-1x kav ficlet
-made appreciation post
-1x filling in fic for 4400 ficathon

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