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The website update for today

We're thinking Benguiat would be nice to use for some graphics . It's apparently the font they use for the shows titles (thanks to Iona for pointing this out), though it's not free. So if anyone out there has
it speak up.

We can't use Benguiat for menus. Menus and text will be in html code. How it works for html is that it looks for font on your pc and if you don't have it it substitutes. So really it's only an option for graphics or banner captions. We could have a welcome graphic in it and maybe menu headings but not body text or menu texts - only headings that use a graphic.

This has an example of it.
I think it'd be quite nice for the graphics, maybe not for captions necessarily but the archive title graphics might look good in it?

So we need standard font for site, another font for graphics and maybe a third font that's easy to read for captions. Suggestions welcome (bearing in mind last two only need to be on pc of person making graphics).

And as for genres - someone asked why don't we have past if we have a future, so is everyone okay with having 2 new genres, plus adding another one back on list.

-Future (for future seasons or beyond Atlantis)
-Backstory (for stories set or having flashbacks to pre-Altantis - say for example at the Antarctic outpost or even them alone, Elizabeth entering SGC or Rodney and his times SGC etc or generally about their pasts)
-Tragedy (this got knocked off the list when it was too lengthy and set as an extreme angst under warnings but it's popular so might get put back on if there's enough interest)

Also been noted that pwp isn't needed, that we could easily use fluff instead as something more general and that pwp is already covered by adult category and various genres that could be paired with.

Kip's banners for you all to look at.

MA and Peanut are working on entrance page graphics and mockups, and Peanut is also working on making a better mockup of the one I did in paint with real graphics and hopefully to scale too.

What does everyone think about idea of adding a browse by genre page?
It would take some scripting to add it but might be able to be done, will see when system is up for testing. It would mean you'd click on genre on menu and go to page listing them all for you to choose - then displaying all results, could by ordered by updated or by most read or any number of attributes - what would everyone prefer they be sorted by?

Also we have been chatting about the categories on the menu and the pictures - the idea of having just the main categories with a picture(photo or cartoon/icon? not sure yet, suggestions welcome as always)
and small description with number of stories in brackets- then clicking on that would bring up a page with subcategories, subcategory descriptions and how many stories in each - plus maybe top five stories in the whole category underneath. The subcategory links would lead to page with all of the stories sorted by updated. Is this fine?

Still working on what the general skin and Rodney's skin might look like if we follow general plan of the mockup in last update - anyone got any new ideas? Any little comments would be nice.

Peanut was talking of finding way to work Atlantis computers into Rodney's skin and maybe the Atlantus outpost snowflake into general design. There's that or the copper/blue wall panelling designs that I've suggested.

The idea is the skins only vary on colours, banners and a few graphics so very easy to make once first one is done and the other graphics are too. Matter of having made decisions on the stuff and having made graphics to put together - which we need ideas for...

Well that's it for today, hope everyone good and love to hear suggestions however trivial you think something is - every bit of input helps.
And just 5 days left to think up and mail those captions now.

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