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Quick Reviews - Hex & Sugar Rush

Out of the two shows, Sugar Rush was my favourite, but then I've seen all two seasons for it.

Sugar Rush is a production for Channel 4, set in Brighton, a lesbian drama focusing on the relationship between main character Kim and her quickly found best friend Sugar. There's a few things that can be faulted on the show, Kim's lack of interest in men completely - not just sexually, as that's understandable given her sexual preference but the thoughtless way she uses the boy next door without considering his feelings - and in season 2, some plots seem a bit contrived for the characters sometimes, obviously intended to up the drama where things were going smoothly. Of course either of those could be dismissed by the fact she's still a bit immature in a few ways, even if she thinks she's so grown up, so it's only natural for lust to take over, mistakes made. Overall the show is witty, yet touching, with interesting dynamics between all the characters - they know how to use pretty much everyone effectively and I found the antics of her family pretty lolworthy most of the time, if only in them seeming completely cracked but still fitting. I think my only lament is how the setup for Season 3 was clear, I wanted more and was glad of the way it ended, and yet it is a no go apparently. Still, there's always the book to read. Anyhow, would thoroughly recommend this, 9/10.

Now, Hex...

Basic plot is Cassie, lives at fancy boarding school, best friends with her lesbian roomate Thelma, who loves her. From the pilot there are mysterious happenings leading to Thelma's death, sacrificed by Azaziel, the leader of the Nephilim and seemingly something to do with powers Cassie is developing as the background around the school's history unravels over the course of the season.

I've only seen Season 1, which seemed off to a good, if slowly paced start, however the last half left me a bit bored at times, and frustrated over the characters' behaviour. It did have an interesting cliffhanger, enough to make me want to watch Season 2, but I wanted to repeatedly hit my head against a wall at Cassie the main character' behaviour. Perhaps it's a good time to revist the excuse that she is a teenager and in that context her foolish naivety to believe a fallen angel loves her for herself is acceptable. I just hated that because preiovusly she'd appeared level headed and much maturer, not prone to falling for any old BS presented to her and the same seemed true for her same aged love interest Troy, nice, sweet guy who later on went crazy with presumptions over one plot development.

I suppose it could be argued demons have allure and mystique that enthralls people but I'm not sure if I can buy that, which made the latter half of the season not so enjoyable for me. Still, before that development it was a fun show, little lacking on explanations coming through (but not so bad as Lost) but good for characters and a good setting and theme. I'd still recommend a viewing if the general idea of the show - they hyped it as the British Buffy, though it's in S1 not really lived up to the monster of the week style you'd expect of that - but here's the warning that it's not fast paced, not Buffy by far and has it's own teen drama parts. I'd probably give it 7/10 with the hope S2 improves on the supernatural occurences and gets the old Cassie back.
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