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Primeval: Thoughts on Episodes 2x01 and 2x02

Time for my Primeval thoughts.


Likable enough start to the second season. They played up the camera angles much to create the sense of disorientation, not a major issue but I think used good.

There's the much lamented over inconsistencies with the tranquiliser guns which is irksome, though my brian seeks to fill plotholes and I came up with half a theory as to why
a) little Raptor didn't die
b) why Abby didn't die either

It consists of the handgun having a lower dosage, though really why would it unless it physically couldn't hold enough? Really it's not much of a mend for that but hey, I'll overlook it.

As for the 2nd Raptor taking 3 darts before it went down, I'll chock that up to it being more robust (don't want to presume/make judgement but was it male? could they have more adrenaline?) and the third dart tipped the scales hence the rapid going down.

What bothered me more was why they never sent backup for them. Surely a quick debriefly of Special Forces on Raptor behaviour would work well enough. More people sent in to die perhaps but also more people got your back - having a small mostly untrained team of 4 deal with it seems unrealistic. Guess I simply have to overlook that too to enjoy the show.

Anyhow, the radio interference and Nick pointing it out to Connor was a nice touch. They did the relationship bits really well I think, with each person's reaction to Nick's revelation being interesting. Sweet to see more interaction between Nick and Abby and Nick and Connor too.

Despite the tranq errors, the action was pretty good. Connor was more than a little incompetant but he gets forgiven that, his attempts at action!Connor are amusing and sort of adorable too often enough. Whee slushie!love in this episode. :D

So yeah, fun start. Tons of Nick angst, that's to be expected but raptors broke it up and made for some thrills. Nice to see they went their prepared too.

I'm glad they have the ARC but want to learn more about what they're doing there since it's massive but they've not obviously been doing anything well if they've completely missed the frequency as a precursor to the anomalies. It's not like we saw ARC members going with them to study it or wanting the raptors captured for study - but hey, maybe that was only because they're too dangerous? We'll have to see how it ends up used.


I'm curious if the Abby jealousy, which did seem odd with instant dislike and OTT, is related to the slightly differently timeline.

Anyhow Caroline seemed nice enough but I don't care much for her character right now. Good on Connor but still, on her specifically, just meh - maybe it's that she's too forward for my liking, strolling in to collect her phone without knocking... Even if a door's open I personally still expect virtual strangers to knock - it's polite to. Not to mention randomly going home with a guy you don't know/have just met is odd, but could be my personal preferences obscuring normalness of that, I don't know.

Abby's kickboxing was cleverly done, though I couldn't help but think she was attacking something which had spiky bits so shouldn't she have hurt her hands/arms?

Though for the airvent scenes I really didn't see why they couldn't drag the leafblowers - it wasn't that cramped! Plus they so overdid Abby all over Connor. I shouldn't complain too much, I like the pairing, but it's like Caroline introduction made Abby go into try hard mode to underhandedly distract his attention back to her.

Also, need to rewatch, did Jenny's guy at the door say something that indicated he's definitely a boyfriend/whatever. I thought he said darling or dear but didn't catch it properly and am curious if Nick could have read into it wrong. Poor Nick.

But I had a total WTF to the photo he carried, when was that meant to be taken?! So looks like a promo pic - not even some odd squeezed into a Boots passport photo booth deal. Is it meant to be a cut off part of a team photo or what? Anyhow, they're succeeding on selling the Nick distraught over Claudia to me, even though it did seem he was only mildly interested most of last season. Don't know what you got until it's gone.

I do hope the weird bit with the cleaner reappearing is, as doylefan22 says, leading into a decent explanation for why the hell they don't send in backup this season (and also why the cleaner would be let in despite the night manager apparently sealing it all off - I'd have thought he'd mention any staff left in there). For a minute I thought the guy in the corridoor would by Ryan though. ;P

What else? The Connor dummy was so thin it looked ridiculous but even so the random head sucking was ace! As was Stephen fighting off the worms with office equipment.

I kind of expected the firewoman to stick around, shame her proffered fireaxe got lost so quickly too.

I would however really like to know, in a too much information but I'm insanely curious, how the worms killed people - was it they suffocated in the fog, smother your head like we saw or is it something else? I only want to know because Connor seemed to suffer no ill effects from his brief attack and I don't remember them seeing teeth or finding bodies - did the victims get dragged back through the anomly and if so why couldn't that change the timeline somehow?

As for Jenny, ah you are teh dumb! But the evolving relationship with her and Nick was excellent. It's good to see she is not just Claudia a little different, but succintly her own character, and to have Nick realise was good - just he obviously can't quite get over that she looks the same.

The boyish Helen haircut at least has the point that it'd be practical not to have long hair when chased by dinos...I'm still a bit mystified what exactly went on at the begining with her and the pterosaur? Was she cutting her leg to have an excuse to visit Stephen or did she have a reason to in order to get a tooth from it/sharp rock she fell on out, or the like?

Also, what happened to the egg she stole? I considered she might take it for food, gross as baby dino sounds she is dedicated to doing what it takes to survive, but if she can nip back to the present easy enough is she doing so they can be bred at some secret facility? Inquiring minds hope to find out later on this season.
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