Purpleyin/Hans (missyvortexdv) wrote,

Torchwood 2x01 thoughts

There's lots to love but there are a fair few points that make me go meh too. I think they really have upped the action and pace this season but this episode felt like it was hanging off James Marsters, who I don't feel they used as well as they could have - dropping the accent would've helped tons because it often enough felt so much like he was being Spike again.

The beginning was wonderful but I hated the monologue from the cracked Blowfish alien - how was he meant to know all that detail and how could he be that elaborate and lucid if he's strung out higher than kite? It just stank of exposition, forced and awkward - that belonged to narration in my mind and if they'd cut it to be shorter, simpler and brutal, to the point, I really think it'd worked and felt much better. Jack being the one to shoot the alien felt a little cop out though I suppose it belies the fact they're not ready to go it alone.

Also, everyone knowing about Torchwood - just what the hell have they being doing whilst he's gone! Or is there a better reason for the exposure they now have?

Ah JM appears, nice costume. "Thirsty now" sounds far too much Spike like, but anyhow, the whole meet up action and slashy was random but fitting for this show. I'm glad they finally explored the time agency a bit but annoyed there wasn't a hell of a lot of explanation going on, just hey it's no more, free agents are we.

The team aspects of this episode were fab, everyone seemed reasonably on form. I loved the Jack returns and they're running around like busy beavers, totally calm. The Gwen explosion following that was, whilst not an unexpected reaction, unexpectedly timed and irked me how it was played exactly. But ignoring that, the Jack/Gwen was fun, if only she'd paid more attention. I was surprised at the Rhys engagement, can't see that lasting and totally when she said who else would have me thought Owen. ;P Also happened to get possible Owen/Tosh vibes this ep for the first time, well more accurately, them not being one sided Tosh ones. Ignoring any possible shippiness, there were some nice friendship team dynamics going on.

Wonder how much happy!Jack we'll get after the mysterious hint to Gray near the end? And as if any of them would think he's okay and actually nothing like he claimed... Someone has to poke at that one! I'd love for it to be Ianto or Tosh who pry, because getting more interaction for either of them with Jack would be good - it's too predictable to have Gwen questioning it and I think Tosh could be so much more subtle and maybe get more out of him.

7/10 for this episode since there was great bits brought down by some rather bad/OTT/cliche bits too. Anyhow, I do reckon I'll enjoy this season more than the last if this is anything to go by.
Tags: review, torchwood

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