Purpleyin/Hans (missyvortexdv) wrote,

Name for the proposed Primeval Archive

Soo, the small team of us now working on the Primeval Archive are sort of stumped on a name. Primevalfic kind of won't do since the plan is also to have vid recs and listings on there. We have a few names but are wary that anything ARC based might be out the window for relevancy if they shift stuff about again and the ARC doesn't exist or something. Anyhow, got a poll with the current choices but please, if you have any suggestions let us know! :)

Please note where it says ARCHive it should read ARChive - made a typo and don't know how to edit the poll now, oops.

What do you think the name for the archive should be?

Primeval ARCHive / www.primevalarchive.com
Primeval ARCHive / www.primevalarchive.co.uk
The ARC / www.primevalarchive.com
The ARC / www.primevalarchive.co.uk
Other (please specify in comments)
Anomaly Prime / ???
Other (please specify in comments)
Tags: fandom, primeval

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