Purpleyin/Hans (missyvortexdv) wrote,

Torchwood 2x05-6 thoughts

OMG! ARGgghh. They killed Owen, like appears to be proper dead!

Unless next weeks promo about the grim reaper somehow = resurrection deal. But seriously, the episode ended and Owen was dead. Ha! I so knew him agreeing to go out on date with Tosh had to be too good to be true.

Apart from that, thoughts on 2x05 before it was oooh! Some of the Jack remembering bits seemed a bit off on his recalling acting but eh,they get leeway because they're all having memories messed with. Interesting how Adam choosed to modify Owen and Tosh. Kind of fun to see the unrequited love reversed, though Adam saying Tosh was more confident and Owen less cynical doesn't so much fit as only changes - I get that Adam probably changed Tosh to not care so much for Owen but it implies Owen is harbouring deep feelings for Tosh that he usually represses and are only coming out because he's not bastard who thinks he'll hurt her here. This interest in them is also strange, I swear I didn't even care for Owen/Tosh until this season - maybe I should blame fififolle and rodlox because last season I was totally rooting for Owen/Gwen but Gwen/Rhys this seasons is actually there and too cute! I'm not a fan of the Gwen/Jack undercurrent but suppose they've been playin that card since the beginning.

Why is it though that Owen being less cynical means he acts more geeky and has weird "geeky" hair - he lost his vanity too, or did Adam just want to be the cool leather wearing member and modified memories so he stole it from Owen! ;P Or I suppose it could be a reflection of Own not trying to be so tough, not caring to hide himself behind his image but enough theorising on it.

Whee for all the character moments. They had stuff for Ianto too, proper meaty actings like he doesn't usually get! :D I did hope for him to be defined by more than just Lisa and Jack though, but as the most attached members in the place I suppose it makes sense for both him and Gwen to be defined by others. The Tosh and Owen tidbits were interesting. All round I thought this episode was the bes tI've sen of Torchwood. My one nitpick was surely Jack would not be dumb enough to let Adam into his mind when he's the only one who knows how bad the guy is - all Adam really had to do if he could modify memories was to make Jack think he's fine so he could reinfiltrate again - though didn't see them touching so was the implication that Adam could affect memories but not to the same extent as before. Otherwise Jack made a quite dastardly mistkae he should not have been stupid enough to given previous experience... but anyhow. I think I'd give this episode 9/10.
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