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Hi all

Archive is going well. Other than the chat, the voting on the banners captions, there's a few new things.

Name: Is Drs Weir & McKay Fanfiction Archive a good enough name for the site?
If not then do say before we get down to maknig any site link banners. :)

Category pics: 70px by 80px for all categories and subcategories - think I included a list before but also now looking for genre pics (putting ideas in brackets).

-Humour (have pic of one of the cast fooling around on set?)
-Angst (I'm thinking wet dark rodney from the eye or defiant one rodney from that scene with the gun...)
-Tags/Missing Scenes (shot of atlantis - or could work for general category)
-Character Study (elizabeth's message recording in LFP?)
-Horror/Suspense (The knife drawn in The Storm)
-Parody (?)
-Alternate Reality/Timeline (old Weir shot?)
-Action/Adventure(involving guns or on a mission)
-Drama (a poignant look...)
-Future (hmm)
-Backstory (Simon, Carter, both of them...)
-Tragedy (that look on Rodney's face at the end of Seige Part 1)
-Hurt/Comfort (the huddling from The Eye?)
-Drabble (?)
-Novella (Rodney and his giving tape to Ford from LFP)
-Slash (Mainly in there incase of multiship or it being a side story)

Mods: The following may be albe to be applied to the system - any comments on it and any other features you'd like please point out.

-Aim/MSN/ICQ fields in user profiles
- +/- font sizer
- login box on index page.
-Random story link
- Top 10 story link
- review box at bottom of story.

Browse by genre with genre pics and number of stories is being worked on - as in I've asked for a mod and may or not get a kind soul helping me on it.

Other issues and stuff to go no site:

Using star ratings for stories, or dislike/like or no rating at all?
About page for thanks to, staff listing and other notable site stuff.
Help page, glossary page and resources with beta readers listings and helpful writing links.
Affiliates page witha link to us instructons and banners
Also a general links page for SGa etc sites

Challenges system has been worked out! Main category is locked, so only sub categories can be submitted to - those being for each challenge and a challenges listing the admin sorts out under main category. That way admin have to edit stuff for new challenges (adding rules for the challenge and also new subcategory) but it's only feasible way I've discovered.

Roundrobins work in that you tick a roundrobin button on the add story page and anyone else can add a chapter - just only author of any chapter can edit their chapter.
Link to forum if we are having one; phpBB seems a good shot. Anyone who wants to oversee forum details and planning contact me.

http://www.scifi.com/atlantis/gallery/images_thumbs.html and 'stargate stairs' shows perfectly the tapering off of the window panes that might be used in Elizabeth's skin.

MA is working on link to us banners right now too (thanks!)
Other than that work goes on with the skinning of the site, need some people to help write FAQ, the glossary and gather writing resources and links for site and people to work on planning forum.
So any help is appreciated. Especially on the category/genre pics.

Tags: mckay/weir, mcweir.com, sga

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