Purpleyin/Hans (missyvortexdv) wrote,

Attention Primeval fans - The ARC is open!

So, the Primeval Archive I've been organising is finally open. It's a bit bare but perfectly functional. Where is it? See http://www.primevalarchive.co.uk/.

And it's not just a fic archive. It's designed to take vid listings (files hosted offsite), meta, in depth reviews, as well as offsite fic and vid recs via the recommendations system. There's also a challenges section where you can search for inspiration or post up your plot bunnies to see if anyone runs away with them. To use most features you do need to register, but unregistered users can still submit reviews and use the neat shoutbox function to let others know what they think and join in the fun. If you want to keep up with new items at the archive there's a most recent page but also an rss feed you can subscribe to.

Currently we have an opening challenge of "Introductions" to get people's imaginations going and a poll to rate episode 2.06 (but not for much longer with 2.07 airing tomorrow). I hope people'll come and take a look, and for those of you who create stuff for the fandom please post your things there. :) Submissions are checked for the first three or so, but after that provided you've had no problems using the system then you get validated and items post instantly to the site.
Tags: fandom, primeval

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