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Primeval 2x07 thoughts

Sooo, already knew Stephen was likely to die. Might be insensitive of me but I was thinknig why can't we hear munchy-wunchy noises as he dies. Poignant moment I know, silence or eerie music to compact that - I was almost in tears at it regardless. I wonder how much Nick saw, gotta be a little tad traumatising seeing your best mate devoured alive, no?

Rest of episode Stephen was still mostly a fool - refusing backup?! I don't actually see why they couldn't send ARC military guys to deal with it instead of Steven. I mean don't they have some kind of report system that keeps people who aren't the main team up to date on creatures and past encounters? But ignoring that plothole. Liked the casual manner he dispatched the scorpion in, and the standing just so far away from it tethered. Kind of blasé to phone Lester and not stick around, reckless for others safety even if he doesn't trust Lester. Hmm.

Anyhow, Leek talking to Connor, ah could see Connor's line coming and you gotta love the self-delusion. Geeky parts of episode mmm, but alas computer tech bits were pants - *head!desk* at Nick's I throw water on your KEYBOARD. Oh dear. Let's just pretend it was the distraction for the virus uploady/activation he somehow intiated though it makes little sense. Also gotta love how the random secretary/technician lady could tell what was going on when screens were all matrix style but red/blue/white - it's like when characters can read Wraith or Ancient code on SGA flawlessly, it just works you see, people are THAT smart and it truly is incomprehensible to the non-techies there.

In theory this must mean Connor having built/designed the dectector, with help I should presume, perhaps had to train people in it like her and was somehow oddly a department head or "consultant" on the project to some poor suffering IT/Tech head at the ARC organising the rest of it. I'm just easily amused at the possibly of Connor thinking he's in charge of a geek squad. Oh the fic!

Another weirdness was Nick's shoivng the nerual implant - are they meant to be a finally tuned network where one dies they all do? That didn't seem so with one last week. I can only suppose it's emitting a control frequency for their sonar somehow and that Nick's plan was fry it overload it, weird shit with the sonar and overload the other's systems - but man would that be a wild guess unless the techie's at the ARC had analysed it and reported back before, not that they had masses of time to may I add. I think this is either wild plothoel with Nick knowing something he shouldn't and doesn't necessarily make sense techwise either, or it was Nick's lucky guess/wild chance that happened to pay of in an unexplainable way.

But back to episode thoughts - the ARC seems well staffed as much as usual, despite at least a few people killed in the last episode. Bet the ones who weren't at work, off duty etc (I refuse to believe the ARC only has people in the day - anomalies must occur at night too) before must be dead nervous...wonder if they got blood off the table in the glass room below. Oddly that room that Nick and Stephen argued in and where on person was seen dead, this episode had guys in the white suits which seemed unusual. But yeah, ARC is back to normal and still existant yay! End of season didn't screw up the ARchive name. :D

Not sure of how much I liked Jenny's feeling different, split up with fiance deal, though otherwise I thought she was ace this episode, though she was ever more like Claudia by the end of the episode and acting a bit off to my mind considering Nick's grieving. Loved getting soo much Helen but the best bit about Helen this time, apart from her revelations on how she's experimenting with THE WORLD, is how Nick managed to play her for a change - so great to see.

Abby/Connor bits were nice. Mostly missed the conversation in the cell where Caroline apologised due to dinner in microwave having to stir halfway, must rewatch. I didn't expect to say this but I kind of like Caroline now, it's like she grew up a somewhat in the last 2 episodes, realising her mistakes and what the stakes were. Almost wanted to see her get involved in the team and I admit I hope she's in the next season a little... Abby/Connor wise, aw the almost hand holidng at the funeral!

Abby did her kicking ass this ep, but I most loved her face off with the smilodon whilst it did feel crazy to see her do - she looked predatory herself, sexy. ;) Relieved to see Rex wasn't dead, though after the nick of a bullet and the blod I was a bit amazed Abby said he'd be just fine, she didn't appear to be fussing over him and you'd think it'd take a bit lnoger to be able to tell and/or patch up the graze.

But Connor this episde, not too much to do apart from the stuff relating to Leek's chat, Caroline and Abby. The last scene with the team and him getting his shiny gun out....guh. Shiny shiny gun. I don't like guns but you know it was silver, ooh and people weren't screaming oh gods no at him or anything for once. Everyone must be tougher after Stephens death, like for all the casualties over the year or so they've dealt with the anomalies they never lost anyone that close to them (yeah there was Ryan but maybe that's different because they knew him for less time and he was a soldier - civilians friends dying more impact?).

LOVED when Leek told Helen she couldn't order him around. The look on her face, where she realises she's got herself in a bit deeper than she intended and can't control him like she usually does with people (well, men at least). Generally to see Helen not so much in control as she tends to be. Naturally she bounces back, she's a resourceful woman but still, nice to see her not on top for once.

I can't figure out entirely what to make of Nick's tearing up the photos. Wondering if it's him letting go of the past, sinking in that there's no use prioritising the wild goose chase for Claudia which resulted in him paying less attention with the Stephen debacle leading to his death. I can so see Nick blaming himself, purely out of the fact it was Helen and he thinks he should have seen it coming. Either that or it signifies change of priority, of fixing reality to get Stephen back/stopping Helen since she caused it. I think actually I can easily see Nick blaming Helen for this, think he's getting over her enough to not overly humanise her actions and motivations.

As for that final scene. w00t, they bring in the scifi. I really liked her mentions of the future, of future tech and to see she actually has access too it, a backup plan including intentions to fix the problem of him dying is fun for next season. I wonder if the season opener will be quite out there due to this, mixing it up even more. Damn, it'll be like a whole year before more. Guess fic and the books will have to appease my appetite for more.

Think this episode gets my 9/10. It fails on technical sides and the dumbness of Stephen but the action was good, Leek's outbursts amused, character moments, extra dimension to what Helen's been doing and intends to do, Nick evolving emotionally, shippable and slashable goodness. so yeah, it gets thumb up for an exiting finale leading to a promising return.
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