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Websitey goodness

You can see work so far here
So far away form looking nice i know but skin works going on and so only main page is started on.

Also I've been through challenges for weirmckayship and found the following.

Halloween 2004
Thanksgiving 2004
December 2004 Challenge
Christmas 2004
New Years Eve 2004
January 2005 Challenge
Valentines 2005

These would I guess be the fixed ones, not sure if there were any responses on group for January's - but I'd have to ask whether it'd be okay for challenges in certain cases not to have deadlines, though I think it's fair that for xmas fics etc that if it's closer to the next years then it'd have to be put under that.

And the following are as far as I can tell general open challenges, some of which haven't had responses and thought I'd point out

Harry Potter Challenge
Forced Vacation Challenge
The Session Challange
Where the Heart is Challenge
Image #1 Challenge
Other PoV Challenge
100 Members Drabbles
Leanings Challenge
SG1 Challenge

For details
If you spot any errors or have a challenge I've missed off (or simply a suggestion) then I can put up too. Though sit eis not open yet and so not accepting submisions - I just want to make sure that the categories might have some entries when it does go up :)

The challenges work by having admin orchestrated listings and then users posting responses in appropriate section. Exceptions are the crossover challenges where categories ar elocked and won't accept submissions but there are admin created listing story in them which are set as a roundrobin for authors to include links to their responses, which still ought to be placed under crossovers. This is just to stop double posting.

And as the site says under news
Have applied the following mods;

-AIM/Yahoo/ICQ & MSN fields in user profiles
-Favourite story update emails
-Login box on index page
-Review box under story
-Random story

Working on browse by genre, not sure if it will be possible but trying. Also trying to get round robins working, slight problem there at the moment but that's what testing is for.

Other mods I'm looking into:
-login session hack (so you can stay logged in for as long as you like),
-top 10 stories,
-seeing if there's a way to have rating system where you can choose not to give rating at all (at moment not giving any damages the ratings count)
- text sizer allows for increase/decrease font (do we need this? since browsers now let you do this too)
- delete reviews posibe by members who submitted them (is this necessary?)
-way to have random story in a box like featured stories etc.
- rss feed for site (but does anyone use rss?)

On Rss, if you don't know what it is see here, can be quite useful.

Also, do we need featured stories? They are stories admin select as featured but if we do this how would we decide? Admin recommendations, voting on a category, ratings if we use them?

Anyway, voting ends on caption context #1 tonight, still a chance to get votes in - polls not close until thursday GMT sometime.

If everyone prefers I can keep them open longer, say until Saturday? Let me know if you think that's a better idea. Bearing in mind no new banners to caption will be put up until voting has ended on first one.

URL for voting here

Tags: mckay/weir, mcweir.com, sga

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