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Angsty drabble

A drabble, made up of two infact (which were entries over at Atlantis 100). not sure if they were better left separate or combined...
I started writing it as one but went too long and made two. Here's the separates Triad and Escape and here's the melding of them anyway.

Title: Refuge
Rating: PG
Pairing: None. Friendship between Weir/McKay/Sheppard and city orientated.
Spoilers: Seige Part 2 definite spoilers (or else confusion)

Somewhere in another time the city had been brimming with life.
Three fully charged glorious ZPM's and the magnificent shield.
That's what they need, what the city needs.

Now what do they have?
Her, with Rodney at her side and John, flying out into battle.
Rodney trembles, hands shaking like he's had too much caffeine, drugs wearing off now his job is over. They're using him, like another tool in the box, and John too. Will either, any of them, come out of this alive?

Once the Ancients ruled supreme but by now they all know the tale, how the graceful people fled as surely as could be.
Tonight the city is darkened, lit up only by the fire in the sky and the flaming wrecks of darts lodged in it. Life slowly deserting them, person by person, a casualty of war.

And right now her heart is dark too, because they might survive still but more importantly she wonders if those who comes out the other side will be worth saving.

Is there any true hope of defeat or is it simply no one can let go, no one can admit what's happening and like Earthlings have a history of, they carry on to the end.
She recalls the words, 'victory at any cost', they've paid so much that she prays that they win, however that may be.
Tags: my sga fic, sga:drabble, sga:mckay/shep/weir, sga:mckay/weir

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