Purpleyin/Hans (missyvortexdv) wrote,

SGA Pimping

Two items on the agenda

1. Please awesome flisters who're into Stargate, go create for the sg_rarepairings Prompt Battle. I'm sure you might even be able to recognise a few of my prompts over there, I'm a little predictable, but seriously there's tons of prompts, plenty of variety to choose from and not restricted to only fic either.

2. You can surely manage just 6 prompts (up to 5 character/pairing specific and 1 non-character-specific) for the following challenge? We need more fanart, it would be love, so do your bit and give them some good stuff to inspire! :D

paintedspires is an SGA fanart challenge in which a group of SGA artists respond to prompts submitted by the rest of fandom. There are over 70 artists signed up, and from March 10-16, they're asking for prompts from you! Any character, any pairing, any genre. Click the link! Help them out! Get pretty art in the bargain!
Tags: pimp, sga

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