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Pegasus 3 report - 1/3

Finally I get to posting something about P3! Part 1 of 3. Other should come soon when I find the time to type up the notebook full of notes I took, though feel free to poke me for more as a reminder.

So, the guests, we had the following:

Torri Higginson – she was lovely, a real sweetheart, serious like you expect from Weir at times but Torri herself also often seems bubbly and vivacious. Was so nice for her to appear here, not just because Wolf con's having female guests seems a treat, but also because I'd heard she'd cancelled a number of convention appearances due to disliking the way they were run. Obviously as with other actors approvals, like David Hewlett who'd voiced concerns over I think lack of personal interaction at some, Wolf must do things right by the actors for her to appear.

Paul McGillion – quite the flirt, plus a real joker with the others and overall a great guy. He seemed to think chances were good for Carson being back in Season 5 which was nice to hear. He also made an appearance in a kilt, becoming a bit risqué when he sat on the bed on stage – didn't see if he was a true Scotsman in it or not myself, but there was a flash up it for sure!

Dean Marshall – P3 was his first appearance like this and his good friend Paul “Paulie” McGillion was acting as mentor on all things convention. Dean was a little reserved at times given his nervousness, but he's a sweet and funny guy; he giggled a fair bit, lol.

Kavan Smith – ah Kavan, gorgeous man, he was very playful and had some interesting tales to tell, as well as amusing anecdotes on how he saw Lorne. Quite a number of questions related to “The 4400” too, which was nice to hear about; got the impression he was pretty sad it was cancelled.

Andee Frizzell - the last minute replacement guest since Kate Hewlett had to pull out due to work commitments. Andee acts as ALL the female Wraith – bar Ellia who Jewel Staite played – and she is such a hoot. She's really lanky, tall and so thin but has a certain grace about her and was just great fun to listen to.

Jonothan Woodward - completely unrelated to Stargate, Jonothan was the mad hatter bonus guest. If you've watch Buffy, Angel or Firefly you may recognise him – he played a psychiatrist vampire who analyses Buffy as she hunts him, Nox the Wolfram and Hart lab technician and the old war vet friend of Mal's.

Sadly no Aaron Douglas this year – he was missed. It didn't seem quite the same without him. :( Also no Chuck Campbell, which was a shame. Never mind, always next year.

Part 1 - Friday -

Travelling there was mostly painless, apart from lugging three bags around the underground. I met up with fififolle at Euston Station, nabbing a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts whilst there. Arrived at the Thistle by 3, hung around for a bit before deciding to try and check in despite not being million_moments who'd booked the room. Honestly, it was surprisingly easy to do so giving only a name, no booking number or anything. After that we crashed in hotel room to finally eat some food, mmm donuts, before I headed off to locate redphoenix who'd printed off some awesome glossy photos for me. We also attended the Chuck Fans meet in the upstairs bar, short but fun, got a cool badge made by Teejay. :D Was about then we were met by our roommates million_moments and sd_sheep_killer – slight panic over m_m having left her ticket at home and there was massive queues and confusion with the card scanners broken.

Cue the evening, when they'd finally got stuff working. This year I was lucky enough to have a Meet and Greet ticket, as was Fi and sd_sheep_killer. We met up with doylefan22 and settled in at the Chuck fans table. Took ages for any guests to get to us. It started a bit after 8.30pm but I don't think we saw anyone until close to 10pm perhaps, with the full circuit finishing at 11.25pm! All the while there was random shouts of Chuck by half our table, in protest Chuck wasn't invited, as he'd quite happily have come along again.

Anyhow, the guests...

I think Kavan came first. Fi gave him the little pins she'd gotten made up, and asked a question on behalf of the person who'd come up with the phrase “If Lorne is my major I'm never leaving school” used on one – did he like cooking? Answer was yes. He chatted about how he'd been in Paris with his wife and their 5 month old son, so he'd been making lots of foie gras and he also claimed, I quote, “no one in the world makes crepes as good as me” and tends to like them with orange and a bit of liqueur or otherwise with chocolate. Mmm sounded so good.

Then I think it was Paul possibly. sd_sheep_killer was pointed out as the con virgin and got a warm huggy welcome from Paul, who thought they should run off together hehe. ;D Such a flirt is Paul!

Andee whirled along to our table and the squished chocolate coin came up in conversation, I think it'd been down Teejay's top for some reason?! And that got Andee talking about cleavage power and how it should be the next queens special ability. :D

Dean was so very lovely. It was his first time in the UK. I don't remember much else apart from the discussion of that. Guests seemed to stay for so little time as it went on, whisked away after a minute even though it seemed liked they'd spent minutes at other tables earlier on. :(

Torri ended up the penultimate guest as far as I remembered. She was looking cute in a grey cap hat (don't ask what type – I have no clue but there are pics of her in it elsewhere) and she revealed why she's got a hat thing nowadays. She started going grey in her 20's, which at the time she thought was so cool, like Patti Smith etc, but as she got older, reached 30, 31, 32, 33, 34 the appeal wore off and she turned to hats to hide it, and hairdye I think too but couldn't fully hear that bit of the conversation. We also presented her with the “Weir It's At” and let her know who'd come up with the phrase (million_moments) and the art (nebulan) – she loved it, said she thought it was the best one yet (so I gather she must get a fair few badges). I think we probably had the most time with either her or Kavan at our table, they didn't seem to get taken away quite so soon, but regardless, she was relaxed and chatty, quite adorable.

Ah, Jonothan was the guest that got to us last. We was out of it well before then too. Something about sleeping pills and alcohol, he got people to slap him awake on another table and there were much antics elsewhere in the room as he went round. When he got to us he insisted on playing a name memory game where he'd slap himself with one of my packets of rainbow drops he'd attached to the metal table number holder. The handler kept trying to lure him away but he resisted, really insistent to get all the way round and not forget anyone. I got called Herpes on one of the rounds. Yeah, he's definitely eccentric! Though the game did seem vaguely like a personal touch to vaguely know people...

After that it was pretty late and I have to say I didn't stay up for the party, hung around for a couple of dances but didn't do any, as I was simply too exhausted after travelling.
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