Purpleyin/Hans (missyvortexdv) wrote,

Ficathon idea

Would anyone be interested in a Bad Boys & Wicked Women ficathon? I got the idea from discussion over on primeval_denial about the character of Helen and thought it would be cool to have a multifandom ficathon focusing on the lesser liked morally ambigious/love-to-hate characters and even outright villians.

Think Helen or Leek from Primeval, Kavanagh, Michael or Wraith from SGA etc, Cylons on BSG, Sarah Corvus from Bionic Woman, The Master or any Dr Who foil, Goa'uld, Ori or Replicators from SG-1, Death Eaters from Harry Potter...the list goes on.

Of course I may be oblivious and there's already something like this going on somewhere out there...But if not, what do people think of it?
Tags: fandom, ficathon

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