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Another part ot that story o' mine

So here's the second part to that challenged story I did last night.

This is the other PoV but slightly different ending. Thoughts always good to get on what it's like.

A/N: A little original fiction piece of mine - copyright to me and so no reposting or archiving - but linking to this is okay if you for some reason want to as long as true credit is given.

Survival: Part 2

The noises had echoed around the empty house and he'd known what she was up to. Truthfully he was disappointed by her. She should have known better, this was the safest place for her.

He made his way up the stairs, floorboards creaking under his feet, but he made no effort to hide his approach. She'd know he was coming, it was her warning. He hoped she'd realise that and cause no trouble for them.

He took the last few paces towards the door patiently, feet clunking down, unmistakably nearing her position. And his hand closed in on the handle, twisting it around slowly and creating a screech. That was her second caution.

Then he yanked the door open wide, the hinges protesting and the weak walls reverberating at the impact of the door slamming back into it.

She stood there red handed. Rubbing her sore wrists. His heart caught in his chest to see the damage of her struggles. She'd hurt herself in her efforts tog et away. She really didn't see what he saw, that she had nothing to fear here. Not if she let him protect her.

Her eyelids fluttered closed for a second, creating a serene expression on her face. At peace just as she was when she slept.

But it didn't last long and when they opened she eyed the doorway, obviously evaluating him and the chances of a successful escape.

Only something made her drop her gaze from his. He didn't know why but he was sure he'd come to understand. It was all he wanted. For her to understand him like he understood everything he could. Everyone wanted enlightenment of some sort and for a bizarre reason he'd felt drawn to her since he'd first met her. There was a secret lingering in her looks, a way she looked at him that he couldn't interpret properly. She'd teach him it's meaning and she'd come to understand him as he wished to understand her. That was the plan, planned to perfection and here she was trying to spoil it for them both.

“Sebastian?”she asked. Her voice was gentle but he couldn't let her fool him. He stood waiting for her next move. She'd show her true motive; no one changed tact that quickly. And when she did then he'd be able to formulate an addition to the plan. It would fit and everything would have an order again. Everything would be made sense of once more. Life had to go that way.

“Sebastian, please, it's not too late to stop this nonsense.” she appealed.

Her voice was like velvet and laced with desperation. Her words cut at him though, lashed out and ripped his heart to shreds bit by bit with every single one. She didn't understand, did she?
Maybe she still would but there was something to the fear she heard in her voice that thrilled him. To see her alive now, more alive then she'd ever been when they'd passed in the halls. She'd never cared much, been polite and nice and all that just like everyone else. But she wasn't meant to be like everyone else, was she? And this proved to him he'd been right.

She stepped towards him, wary of him almost.

“Really, I mean it. We can pretend like it never happened.”

The accompanying smile was weak, fake. However he found he liked it despite that. She was making an effort for him and deeper down he grinned to himself that she feared him. She knew he was in control and she wanted to take advantage of his feelings for her. Of course she didn't know that what she said was abhorrent. Why forget about this? This was going to be a treasured memory, the time they spent together, when they began to know each other. You didn't forget things like this.

He waited until she was in front of him, letting her carry on. Perhaps she'd simply dig herself deeper but maybe too she'd start to understand. He'd give her another chance, she deserved that.
“This ends here.” she demanded, brushing past him a few steps, making towards the door but she paused, waiting for approval or acceptance. He wasn't sure which is was though. Just like before he couldn't tell what she meant exactly. She puzzled him and that was what he loved about her.

Her eyes blazed defiantly, looking straight into his, searching for something – understanding possibly? But he knew she'd not find it there- – that was what he needed her for.
His sharp movement caught her off guard, his hand catching her forearm in a crushing grasp. She gasped in alarm and tried to flee but found it too late for that. He finally saw she didn't understand at all. She never would, she only wanted out. That he couldn't permit.

“Yes, Sylvia,” he responded calmly and surely, “ it will end here...and now, I promise.”

For once he felt something stirring in him, a passion greater than that he already felt for her. He had to do this but he found he wanted to do this as well. It was unexpected but not unwelcome; after all why not enjoy the things you must do?

He reached out with his other hand but he never got to touch the target because she made a move he hadn't seen coming at all.

He gasped t the pain and let go of her, hand reaching round to try and feel what it was embedded in his back. He couldn't tell exactly but it hardly mattered, it was only curiosity because he'd searched her for anything she could use when he'd restrained her, with everything of use taken away. She was full of surprised today, more than a little resourceful – in fact he suddenly realised that she'd gotten the bonds off with the same instrument.

He stumbled to the floor in agony. His lungs seemed to burn and he found it difficult to breathe, his gasps were short and coughs came up wet with blood that spilled over out of his mouth onto the dusty floor.

He collapsed onto his side, weak and undoubtedly dying. She stood there. Funny because he thought all she'd wanted was away from here. She watched blankly, eyes cold; her fear gone and her hate, that had driven her to this, fading with his own life.

His scant last thoughts fevered; She'd missed his heart literally but she'd broken it anyway. It was worse than he could have ever imagined. She didn't just not understand; she'd condemned him for it and betrayed his love.
But he'd remember this if he could, if there was a life after this then he was more sure than ever that they were made for each other- the fire in them equal and matched in darkness. They were two of a kind and so he died grinning in joy and wondering what she'd make of that.

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