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mission 101 - 19/101

Complete 101 pre-set tasks in a period of 1001 days. Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on my part). For mission101</lj>, with some shamelessly gakked from jenwryn's list - which kicked me into posting mine - as they were good goals!

In progress
Red = dependant on other item
Blue = other items dependant on it

EDIT: Originally miscount, have combined a number of tasks to reduce number and also cut some as well now, meaning I currently have 102 tasks.

Simplifying Life
1. Tidy my study - FAILED - paid £10 to marie curie cancer care
2. Organise my filing cabinet and paperwork.
3. Record and file my tax return in good time.
4. Scan in my original artwork and post it to DeviantArt, - FAILED - paid £10 to Cancer Research UK
5. Type up all my old poems and plot bunnies from my notebooks, for backing up electronically. - FAILED - paid £10 to Cancer Research UK
6. Go through my wardrobe; sell, give away or donate to charity things that don't fit or suit me.
7. Go through my jewellery; sell/give away everything I dislike or don't invisage wearing.
8. Organise, declutter and backup music on my computer. - FAILED - paid £10 to Cancer Research UK
9. Sort out old pc install files on my computer to delete unneeded and file ones wanted - FAILED - paid £10 to Cancer Research UK
10. Sell/give away any books I have read and am unlikely to read again. - FAILED - paid £10 to Cancer Research UK
11. Ditto for DVD's. - FAILED - paid £10 to Cancer Research UK
12. Get rid of all my VHS and cassette tapes, preferably sold dirt cheap on ebay or given away.
13. Upgrade my computer so it is *fingers crossed* faultless and useable for vidding and Sims 2.
14. Organise my del.icio.us bookmarks.
15. Create a masterlist of my fic on LJ. - FAILED - paid £10 to Cancer Research UK

16. Send my Grandparents & Godmother a letter every six months. (2/5) - FAILED - paid £10 to Cancer Research UK
17. Send Christmas cards to twenty friends & relatives. (2/3) - FAILED - paid £10 to Cancer Research UK
18. Keep a diary that I write in average of once a week. (24?/143) - FAILED - paid £10 to Cancer Research UK
19. Spontaneously do something really nice for my other half ten times (1/10) - FAILED - paid £10 to Cancer Research UK
20. Read through, proofread and encourage other half to finish his book draft. - FAILED - paid £10 to Cancer Research UK
21. Visit my brother at least once a year. (1/3) - FAILED - paid £10 to Cancer Research UK
22. Visit my cousins up north at least once in the 1001 days.
23. Send a DVD package to Karin.
24. Keep up with penpal letters/packages with fanwoman - FAILED - paid £10 to Malala education Kickstarter fund
25. Learn German well enough to converse in it with Karin, anyrei and Oliver. - FAILED - paid £10 to Cancer Research UK
26. Host a games weekend at least once every six months. (4/5)
27. Go on a holiday with my parents again, either together or one trip each parent. (0/2)
28. Make my mother earrings and necklace set for her birthdays. (2/3)

29. Help my mum sell her old laptop (and possibly other items) on ebay so she can afford to buy a new laptop with the money made from it.

30. Finish Christmas shopping by end of November. (2/3)

31. Read "How to Speak Cat" in case it's not a bullshit book.

32. Convince them to sleep in the basket I bought them.
33. Train them to use the new cat litter tray.

34. Lose 40lbs. (8/40) - starting weight 13st 4lbs (186lbs), target weight 10st 5lbs (145lbs) - end of May 2011 weight was 11?st 10?lbs
35. No alcohol or junk food/takeaway or chocolate (pick one) for one month, every three months. (4/11)

36. Try out 30 new recipes. (7/30)
37. Do DDR/wiifit for average of 3 hours each week. (0.6/429)
38. Do skipping (work up by 10 more jumps each time, to max of 200) average of three times a week. (2/429)

39. Go to at least twelve dancing lessons. (0/12)
40. Get the dyed flame blue tipped hair I want.
41. Henna my hair to condition it every six months. (1/5)
42. Meditate  average of once a week. (1/143)

43. Decide what will make me happy careerwise.
44. Buy some high heels I adore and learn to walk in them.
45. Buy an outift that is planned to go together and I believe is stylish, in the way I want to look.
46. Save up for a Mac Pro. (0/1300)
47. Fill my study walls with 60 inspirational postcards/posters. (40/60)
48. Make ten pieces of jewellery for myself that I am proud to wear. (0/10)

Education/Personal Improvement
49. Read 200 books. (10/200)
50. Read 10 poetry books. (0/10)
51. Read all my university textbooks that I'd not found time for.
52. Read the religious scripts of all six "main" world religions.
53. Learn Russian and read the Russian book I own.
54. Learn Japanese well enough I would feel confident to visit.

55. Read all the magazines that come through the house.
56. Watch 10 movies in German without subtitles. (0/10)
57. Visit 10 museums. (4/10)
58. Learn how to play poker.
59. Learn how to fully service my own bicycle.
60. Learn British Sign Language.
61. Teach myself Java programming - create a minigame.
62. Teach myself php & mysql - create useful webscript.
63. Teach myself Perl.
64. Teach myself LUA script.

65. Learn how to knit.
66. Learn how to copy a clothes pattern.
67. Make ten items of clothing from scratch that fit and I would wear. (0/10)
68. Make 3 knitted items that I would wear/use. (0/3)

69. Watch all seasons of Alias in full. (0/5?)
70. Watch all seasons of Buffy in full. (0/7)
71. Watch all seasons of Angel in full. (0/5)

72. Watch all seasons of The L Word. (5/6)
73. Watch all of Bleach that's out.
74. Watch all seasons of Seven Days. (2/3)
75. Watch all the films I've bought/got sent by friends because an SGA actor is in them but hadn't gotten to.
76. Watch all seasons of The Secret Life of Us (2/4)
77. Watch all seasons of Deep Space 9 (5/7).
78. Watch all seasons of Babylon 5. 5/5
79. Watch all seasons of Quantum Leap. 3/5

80. Complete all pending fanfic requests.
81. Finish Overtime
82. Finish the novel for
[info]mwexplosion. FAILED (at least this year - got another two years to try)
83. Finish The Perfect Pair.
84. Finish Too Many Scientists Spoil the Plot.
85. Finish A Long Journey.

86. Get a new digital camera.
87. Do Project 365.
88. Finish my Seven Days WIP's.
89. Finish my Harry Potter WIP's.
90. Finish Sacrifices.
91. Write my 12 fairytales book.
92. Write Season 1 of my horror show in scripts.
93. Write character and species profiles for all the characters in my scifi show.
94. Write out backstory and overviews of characters and the plot of the first book in my fantasy novel.

95. Put together a poetry volume to be sold on lulu.com.

96. Redo my CV and update postings of it online, including my googlepages portfolio.


97. Get my asthma under control, peak flow to normal.
98. Calculate a monthly budget and stick to it for at least four months running. (4/4)
99. Picnic out on the greens at least three times. (1/3)
100. Go to a cafe to write with other half at least three times. (0/3)
101. Put all my books up on my Goodreads shelves.

102. Plan 2009 garden, post this online and implement the plan, posting progress on my LJ.

Donate £10 to charity, out of my personal money, for every goal not completed - 68 goals not finished and not donated for either, so £680 due still?
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