Purpleyin/Hans (missyvortexdv) wrote,

New vid: SGA Sanctuary "Judgement"

New vid up - it's taken me about 10 hours to get it as right as it can ever be and so here it is.

It's sort of the subtext of the episode and in some places, where I could manage it, putting words in their mouths...:) Rodney versus Chaya!

As a side note I'm usually very nice, really, and I don't hate Chaya (I barely care about her in fact)... so I'm blaming this vid on Derry and koscheka *points finger and tries to look innocent* ;)


Medium quality version 7mb and high quality 28mb zipped (NB: High quality currently unavailable) - both wmv. Files are named after the title + quality - press play or download next to the appropriate file. Enjoy. :) Feedback always appreciated.

Title: Judgement
Editor: Purpleyin
Song: Hidden track (Hooker)
Artist: Pink
Length:3 minutes
Pairing: sort of dealing with Shep/Chaya
Spoilers: For Sanctuary
Warnings: For swear language.
Summary: Sanctuary vid, beware for there is no love for Chaya here - it's almost anti-Chaya... oh hell, it IS anti-chaya - no mistake. :)
Tags: mckay, my vids, sga, sga:chaya

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