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Pimping - Serious Change (UK)

This is a post pimping out http://seriouschange.org.uk. It's not intended to be preachy or political, just pointing the site out along with my explanation of why I've signed up.

So there's essentially the two warring extremist sides of the argument about climate change - those in denial no matter what it costs them, because they view change for the enviroment as uncessary and damaging to business/economy/the current way of life, and those who are so gungho for change they think the answer is reverting to older ways of living that radically change all we know.

I signed up to the site because it's about making a serious change without drastic measures to how we live that some would suggest, the middle ground of wanting what's good for the environment without cutting out the technology I love and all the modern aspects of life I enjoy because it's not a focus on the environment for the sake of that but a focus on changes that benefit the economy as much as the environment by bringing us in line with how the 21st century should arguably be.

Personally I don't think the idea of living with a low carbon or even carbon neutral footprint is too far away. The obstacles to this seems to be resistance based on greed of corporations not wanting to change despite any proof it's better for them to, governments supporting them for political reasons and the erraneous perception that changes can't be done without great personal sacrifices, that it will harm consumers and hence the economy.

I'm hoping that what the website ends up doing to get the message out will achieve something in changing the minds of those who have power to make serious changes, to push for laws that support this, to force corporations to do the sensible thing. I might be naive to hope it has serious impact but I think it's always worth trying, especially when it takes so little effort to sign up and there are no obligations on my time apart from those I might choose to accept in the future.
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