Purpleyin/Hans (missyvortexdv) wrote,

The Price (Grodin/Weir)

Title: The Price
Author: Purpleyin
Rating: General
Pairing: Grodin/Weir
Spoilers: Seige Part 1
Genre: Poetry/Angst
Summary: Poemfic for that ending scene in the episode.

The Price

Jubiliant shouts ring out and I smile; feeling happiness swell in my breast.
One sucess, one shining beacon of hope.
Yet it is not quite over.

From afar we wait and listen to the relayed messages.
Everyone holds their breath.
Anxious, we are still, emotions now on pause; no thoughts as we hear the last transmission.
Regretfully he tells us it has failed, he has failed.

Dashing out hopes.
Instilling us with fear once more.
Somehow I know that isn't all.
Beyond the regret is another tone.
Evenly I wait for his confession.
Lying would have been easy, a denial that suits us all but there is no room for that here.
Instead he replies solemnly.
Every word a pain to say.
For nothing is good today.

"Peter Grodin was aboard the satellite."
And my dear friend is dead you see.
I wish this wasn't the price for our small victory but;
Nothing come for free - a lesson I learned so long ago; forgotten until today.

Leaders are meant to know better, meant to be prepared.
Onward I go, trying to keep calm and deal objectively, but I...
Vow he shall always hold a place in my heart but for today, and every day until this is over, yet for now...
Every feeling is stored away

Tags: my sga fic, poetry, sga:grodin/weir, sga:weir

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