Purpleyin/Hans (missyvortexdv) wrote,

SGA 1x04 - McKay/Weir shippy review

Another shippy review. For "38 Minutes".


First of all I'm using a transcript by Celsitude, from twiztv.com, with a few modifications.

This is less shippy episode, or at least one harder to find the shippy moments in.
Alot of it can be seen to be Sheppard/Weir but at the beginning when she talks to Lt. Ford she doesn't seem overly concerned to me, stressed
and a little concerned, but she considers the quarantine over Major Sheppard.
Then when the jumper doesn't come through with all the team she starts to actually look quite worried.

SCENE: Gateroom. Sirens blaring and Weir is waiting for the arrival of the jumper.
WEIR: Where are they?
TECHNICIAN: I don’t know, the gate’s still active. All indications read they should be through by now.
*Weir stands at the balcony with her arms crossed, a worried look on her face*
WEIR: *through the speaker* Jumper one, this is Weir, what’s your status?
SCENE: Changes from jumper to the control room.
FORD: This is Ford, it’s good to hear your voice. The four of us are still here but, Markham and Stackhouse are inside the event horizon.
WEIR: Say again?
FORD: Ma’am, Jumper one is lodged in the Stargate. Teyla, Dr. McKay and myself are in the rear compartment with the major. He’s in bad
shape. Markham and Stackhouse are in the forward section.
*While Ford is speaking to Weir, McKay is moving his hands as though telling them to hurry it up.*
WEIR: How did that happen?
MCKAY: Engine pods…
FORD: We think it was one of the engine pods. But there’s no way to be sure.
MCKAY: It’s the only viable possibility.
WEIR: If I understand you correctly, you won’t be able to access the flight controls.
MCKAY: Yes, Elizabeth. It’s an extremely intriguing conundrum and one that I’d love to discuss with you in detail until this Stargate shuts
down and this ship is cut in two…
WEIR: *Interrupting* Rodney, calm down
MCKAY: *still going* At which point of course…
WEIR: *Interrupting and louder* Rodney! If I’m going to be any help to you at all, I need to catch up. Lieutenant Ford, back it up for me.
*McKay looks frustrated. We pan down to Major Sheppard and Teyla, who is holding a compress to his forehead.*

The classic example of her calming him down, notice that no one else like Ford attempts to do that here. And his exasperated look is just as if
he was standing in front of her and actually talking to her, which they seem to do whenever communicating over radio, like in this scene,
where he still a little panicked and testy with her when she is only asking how she can help.

MCKAY: She hardly meant begin at the beginning.
FORD: This is intel she needs to know.
MCKAY: and we have less than 38 minutes.
WEIR: *looks up in surprise* Hold on! Why 38 minutes?
MCKAY: Because that’s the maximum amount of time a Stargate can remain open in non-relativistic conditions. It’s one of the more
immutable laws of wormhole physics and oh my, look at the time. It’s now more like 35 minutes. Are we all caught up?
WEIR: I get it. What do you need?
MCKAY: Help.
WEIR: *through speaker* All right. *at atlantis* Let me put Kavanaugh, Grodin and Simpson in a room. See what they come up with.
MCKAY: *through speaker* That’s good. *in jumper* And the Czech, the Czech, the Czech whose name I can never remember.
WEIR: Dr. Zelenka?
MCKAY: That’s it. We’ll work it at our end.
WEIR: What else?
MCKAY: We’ll call you. Thank you. *ends transmission*

And just after that before Beckett turns up, she's left with a possibly slightly hurt look on her face knowing there's nothing she can do but
organise everyone else.

And onto the meeting with the scientists and Beckett

WEIR: All Right, you’ve all been briefed. We have less than half an hour. Where’s Dr. Zelenka?
KAVANAGH: He’s working up a simulation in Puddle Jumper Two – He went straight there.
WEIR: That’s good.
KAVANAGH: If there was time, it would be.
WEIR: Let’s not admit defeat just yet, Doctor. There are six people on that ship.
*Kavanagh looks annoyed*
BECKETT: I’m just the medical doctor here, so forgive me if this is a stupid question. If they just stepped through the event horizon, wouldn’t
they come through the front part of the ship when the gate shuts down?
KAVANAGH: The front half won’t rematerialize on this side.
GRODIN: The Stargate transmits matter in discrete units. The front half of the ship cannot re-materialize until the whole ship has crossed
into the event horizon. The Stargate is essentially waiting for the contiguous components, meaning the jumper and everyone inside, to enter
completely before it can transport them.
WEIR: He says the gate only sends things through in one piece.
BECKETT: Right, Sorry.
GRODIN: Unfortunately, the outgoing Stargate won’t transmit the matter stream until the demolecularization is complete. When it shuts
down, the entire forward section, along with the men inside, will cease to exist.
WEIR: And what about the others?
GRODIN: The ship will be severed instantaneously along the event horizon. They’ll be exposed to hard vacuum, in 29 minutes.

Nice to know everyone including her aren't as ready to give up like Kavanagh and cute to see Elizabeth interpreting technobabble for Beckett -
she must have got used to it with Rodney. There's also the small reaction of hers after they reveal that those still in the jumper will be exposed
to space in 29 minutes. Looking like she's particularly concerned about AR-1 (though already seemed not so concerned about Sheppard to
begin with - I like to think her mouth drops open becuse she's worried about Rodney) and is even distracted for a second before getting back
to the others working on a solution.

SIMPSON: What if they closed the bulkhead door?
WEIR: The rear portion of the ship would remain pressurized, become a sort of lifeboat.
GRODIN: It will leak atmosphere like a sieve.
SIMPSON: But it could buy enough time to send a second jumper.
KAVANAGH: And do what?
WEIR: Figure it out. Contact jumper one and make the recommendation.

SCENE: Jumper 2, Weir walks up to Dr. Zelenka.

ZELENKA: *speaking in Czech*
WEIR: Dr. Zelenka
ZELENKA: Apologies for not attending your briefing Dr Weir there was no time…
WEIR: I don't want to slow you down but I need to know what you're working on so I can communicate it to the team on Jumper one.
ZELENKA: We are attempting to retract the um…the er… the gt…the drive pod back into the fuselage from inside the rear compartment.
WEIR: Anything yet?
ZELENKA: Well there is much redundancy in ancient technology, making it dangerous for them to experiment with it in this way.
WEIR: So they might accidentally open the rear hatch or shut life support off entirely.
She looks away, hiding her reaction to it but either crossing arms or hugging her arms to herself after the thought.
ZELENKA: Yes, yes, yes, yes…which is why we are attempting to isolate the correct control pathway.
WEIR: Understood…What could I do to help?
ZELENKA: Stop talking please *Dr. smiles at Weir, then continues working on panel, Weir leaves, Dr. begins speaking Czech again*

Oh, I love that bit. Not shippy at all but Zelenka is a great character and he says the equivalent of 'shut up' politely somehow.
Onto the second scene with the think tank, discussing a problem they've found which adds more tension to the whole episode leaving me
almost as panicked about the outcome as McKay seems.

KAVANAGH: So depending on the extent of the damage, we can’t rule out a catastrophic power feedback in the drive manifold.
WEIR: Without the technobabble, please.
SIMPSON: Dr. Kavanagh was pointing out that there is a very slim chance that with the thingypit controls interrupted and the pod damaged,
the main drive could overload.
KAVANAGH: She means to say explode. Especially if McKay starts nosing around inside the control conduits to retract the drive pod
manually. And he will. I know I would.
Elizabeth shifts her position, biting her lip and moving her hands crossed in

But that's not the only resistance she finds. Having also to deal with the Athosian customs surrounding death.

HALLING: You do not know this, but among our people there is a ritual prayer that is said when one knows death is upon them.
WEIR: We don’t know that it is.
HALLING: I am told it is all but inevitable.
WEIR: By whom?
HALLING: That is not important. What is important is that Teyla be allowed to prepare for death. Knowing the time and place of one’s end is
a very rare thing among our people. It is a simple rite that would not take more than a few moments.
WEIR: Halling. We need to concentrate all of our efforts on saving them.
HALLING: At the risk of forsaking Teyla’s own beliefs?
WEIR: It is important that we use what little time we have to try everything…
HALLING: *Interrupting* I would ask you not to tell me what is important and what is not in this case.
WEIR: I’m sorry, I can’t have this conversation right now.
HALLING: Why not?
WEIR: Because we are wasting time.
HALLING: This is time that Teyla could use to prepare.
WEIR: All Right. You perceive death a certain way. I accept that. In fact, I respect that. But we do not prepare for death, we do everything we
can to stave it off. That is who we are.
HALLING: I am not asking you to suspend your efforts.
WEIR: No, you want me to tell everyone on that ship that they should expect to die? I will not send them that message and if you feel that
that violates Teyla’s personal rights, I apologize, I truly do. But there’s nothing I can do about that right now. I have to go.

Love the fact she won't back down. In particular I bet Rodney was the one she least wanted to subject to such a message because it's really not
too good to tell an already panic stricken man responsible for their survival that he *is* going to die. He'd just give up for sure then, which isn't
good for anyone, but from a McWeir PoV she wouldn't like to do that to him even ignoring that she doesn't want him to die.

*Weir is walking to her office but Kavanagh is catches up, both stopping on the bridge between the control room and her office.*
WEIR: Kavanagh. I hope you’ve got something to tell me. *She turns*
KAVANAGH: Yes I do. What the hell was that?
WEIR: *looks angry and shocked* Excuse me?
KAVANAGH: I happily left the SGC because I had had it up to here with the military running things, and you just busted me like a private.
WEIR: Don’t be so dramatic. Besides, the Air Force doesn’t even have privates. *She begins to turn and walk away*
KAVANAGH: Neither do I. You just cut them off. *Weir turns back to him* Right in front of my research team.
WEIR: That’s what this is about? You’re embarrassed?*looks like she can't believe his nerve*
KAVANAGH: Well, humiliated would be a little more accurate.
*The raised voices cause people to notice, with people in gate room looking up to see what's happening*
WEIR: I haven’t worked up to humiliation yet.
KAVANAGH: I just assumed that with a civilian in charge of the expedition, there would be a little bit more…
WEIR: *cutting him off* A civilian is in charge. And we are cut off from Earth, which makes Atlantis almost like a colony, doesn’t it?
KAVANAGH: I suppose.
WEIR: Well, I’m Governor of that colony.
KAVANAGH: You know, that’s all very well and good…
WEIR: Do you have a problem with that?
KAVANAGH: *sighs and looks down* You’re missing my point.
WEIR: No, you’re missing mine. If you waste one more minute which could be used to help the people trapped on that ship because of your
ego…I promise you, I will dial the coordinates of a very lonely planet where you can be as self-important as you want to be.
KAVANAGH: *smiles uncertainly and huffs*
WEIR: You think I’m kidding?
KAVANAGH: You wouldn’t do that.
WEIR: Kavanagh, get back in there!
KAVANAGH: *smiles and nods arrogantly* We’ll talk about this later.
WEIR: Never again! Go! *Kavanagh doesn’t move* Go!
*Kavanagh turns and walks away. Weir looks really pissed.*

Yay for Weir! Standing up to Kavanagh. Not only does it annoy me he questions her authority but that he questions it in that situation and
publicy and is risking lives of those in the PJ by wasting precious time! Bad man. Way more of a jerk than McKay ever was when he first
appeared in SG-1 - at least he was lovable, where as Kavanagh is only amusing in his unbelievable nerve and bad fashion sense. The guy we all
love to hate.

Then they start making progress.

MCKAY: Zelenka’s identified the control pathways to the engine pod, which means that’s increasing my chances of fixing this from one in a
million to one in a thousand, but, uh…it’s something. Elizabeth?*calls her by her first name too!*
WEIR: Yes? *listening intently *
MCKAY: I’ll only have seven to nine seconds to warn you if I accidentally trigger a catastrophic overload, so if I tell you to raise the
shields…*looks very pained* don’t hesitate.

And is it because he's worried he can't do it and save them (and himself) or also because he's worried his mistake could hurt those on Atlantis,
including Elizabeth?

WEIR: We’re aware of the risk, Rodney. Do your best.

Aw, she supports him. Trying to boost his confidence, letting him know whatever happens it will be fine. And both of them have pained looks
as they think about that posibility of the jumper exploding.

Skip to after Sheppard gets sent through the horizon with Teyla.

WEIR: Thank you, Lieutenant. Rodney, you have seven minutes.

Looking quite worried again, mostly showing through the eyes, sicne she is remaining rather neutral after the relief that Sheppard has the
thing off him but is technically dead and that all six will die unless they make some progress. Once again she tries to help, not really being able

WEIR: Time?
GRODIN: Two minutes, Twenty seconds.
WEIR: Rodney, we’re down to two minutes.
MCKAY: I know the time. I’ve still got over two dozen circuits I haven’t tried.
WEIR: Don’t be so methodical, just pick one at random!
MCKAY: If I do that, I run the risk of attempting to activate the same circuit twice.
WEIR: Just try!
MCKAY: I’m telling you, there’s no way I can…
*Suddenly there’s a noise, the engine starts to whir.*
MCKAY: Wait!
*The drive pods retract*
MCKAY: I think I did it! Elizabeth, I think the engine pod’s retracting.*he looks to be in disbelief, a strange sort of happiness as he says so*
*Weir sighs in relief and smiles brightly as they all turn to see the ship come through the gate*
Only it doesn't
WEIR: *speaking to McKay but looking desparately to the control room for answers*Then why haven’t you shown up?
*Rodney staring trying to work it out, a fear showing on his face*

Luckily Rodney figures out they need inertia and says to Ford he's wasting his time trying to bang against the jumper walls.
Elizabeth still waiting on balcony, flaps her arm at her side in frustration and leans against the balcony
GRODIN: One minute.
We see Elizabeth and Rodney's reactions to this, Rodney looking so distraught but saying absolutely nothing.
Then comes Kavanagh's one redeeming action. He solves it! Along with Ford's brave decision to pull the hatch lever they manage to get back
just in time.
Everyone clapping broadly and Weir clasping her hands together and bringing them up to cover her mouth.
She makes her way to the jumper bay.

WEIR: Well done, Rodney.
MCKAY: We’ll see.

She tries to praise him but he's being in being hard on himself mode, all guilty but not sure why since he didn't cause Sheppards predicament
and i fact saved them all in nick of time.
They wait, Elizabeth looking to Teyla supportively and watching the progress of Beckett, with Rodney looking to Elizabeth briefly.
Then Sheppard is revived, every one sighing and McKay looking to her again and her looking back before sitting down - with him pacing.

Next last scene is everyone visitng Sheppard in the infirmary, with Rodney looking quite smart in a short-sleeved blue shirt and beige
trousers and Elizabeth in pale tshirt, black trousers and brown leather jacket. I noticed that as she walks in she nods to Rodney, who
straightens up, looking a little nervous (he'd just been smiling at and watching Sheppard's nurse - checking her out maybe) but smiles back at
her before they all pay attention to Sheppard.

After that even when he's talking about John's 'hickie' (pointing to his own neck as he said it) and when others are talking he looks between
them but always back to her. When they all start to leave he is waiting back for her as she asks Sheppard something.
Then as they wait for Sheppard to admit to what he wanted to say earlier when dying, Rodney looks worried (maybe worried that it was what
Shep/Weir fans say he meant to say) and then very happy to hear Sheppard say what it was (or what Rodney is happy to accept he was going
to say even when Elizabeth doesn't believe it).

WEIR: By the way, what were you going to say?
WEIR: Before, when you thought, you know…
SHEPPARD: Oh that…
WEIR: I didn’t want you to say it at the time, but now I’m curious.
SHEPPARD: I was going to say, um, *he takes a lengthy pause*, take care of each other.
WEIR: That’s nice.
MCKAY: And, indeed, we did.*looks relieved to hear it*
SHEPPARD: Yes, you did. Thank you. Again.
MCKAY: You’re welcome.*smiling happily at the sentiment*

Anyway, that's that and quite a hard episode to be shippy about if you ship McWeir but it's still there. It's always there, if you look for it. ;)
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