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Earlier entries (2005) often link offsite to stories - catalogued up to end of February 2007 and need to source screencaps since old website died. More recent fics (and old fics gradually being) moved topurpleyindom (and backup the same on DreamWidth)

- Garbage Lyrics - 9 here (SGA + HP), 6 here (BSG + HP), 7 here (HP + BSG + SGA)

Screencaps/Vids of Peter Williams, Ben Cotton, Fiona Hogan & Craig Veroni in Dark Angel

Challenges/ficathons/requests to complete:
Kavtolanon 2007 fic (3/5 chapters written)
mwexplosion AU challenge
mwexplosion prompt battle
SEW items (2 vids and 1 fic)
Primeval remix
Primeval bigbang
Extra fics for 4400ficathon people who got none
for Rodney/anyone

Posts to sort:

The 4400


Marked S1 set, OC pov, K+
Guidance mid S2 set, Wendy Paulson POV on Kyle, K
Liminal beginning of S3 set, Isabelle ficlet, K+
Reaching spoilers up to S2 “Carrier”, Shawn angst ficlet, K+
A Priori spoilers for all S2. Maia angst ficlet, K
Supernova spoilers for all S2, hurt/comfort, 4400 injury, K+
To Endure Is Not Enough spoilers for S1 only, Brian gets over Lily, K
Complications futurefic, crossover with Firefly, spoilers for all Firefly & Serenity and 4400 S2 “Wake Up Call”
Absolutes Nina ficlet, tag for the S2 "Mommy's Bosses", K+
Moment by Moment for 4400 ficathon, darkfic, Kevin vs. Isabelle, spoiers up to S3 “The Ballad of Kevin and Tess”, T
Sacrifices WIP, NTAC based fic, multiple pairings (Diana/Marco, Tom/Alana, Kevin/Tess, Nina/Other), K+

Character - Shawn
That Which Is Known spoilers up to S3 “Graduation Day”, K+

Character - Diana
Mistaken tag for S2
"Rebirth", Skouris family backstory, K+
Third Time Lucky spoilers up to S2 “The Fifth Page”, minor (canon) character deaths, K+
Third Time's A Charm, In Theory post-S4 trio of drabbles, angst/UST Marco/Diana + family, K

Character - Tom
Vigilance set in S2 "Life Interrupted", K+

Pairing - Isabelle/Kyle
Time Will Tell spoilers up to S3 “The New World”, K+

Pairing - Isabelle/Kyle
In Her Hands angst, S4 finale ficelt, K+

Pairing - Tom/Alana
Impression spoilers for S2 "Life Interrupted", K+
Composition spoilers for end of S2, K

Pairing - Marco/Diana

Not Searching Anymore spoilers for S2 start of “Wake Up Call”, K
Third Time's A Charm, In Theory post-S4 trio of drabbles, angst/UST Marco/Diana + family, K
Don't Be A Stranger spoilers S1 only, K
Standing spoilers for S2 "Wake Up Call", K+
Two In The Hand spoilers for S2, established relationship, darkfic, 4400 ability non-con, T
Misconceptionspoilers for S2, set post "Mommy's Bosses", K+
In Every Way spoilers for all S2, series of 10 alternating POV shorts based on the five senses, T
Deadend spoilers up to S2 "The Fifth Page", tragedy, S2 Lockdown AU, K+
Keeping Faith spoilers for S1 only, Marco POV, fanon family backstory + death, K+
Shy Baby spoilers for S2, K
Perspective spoilers for S2, dark future fic, K+
Let's Pretend S2 "Hidden" AU, K

Gen - Darkness Falling to "Gollum's Song" by Emiliana Torrini, spoilers for S1 and S2

6 S2 icons (Maia, Diana, Diana/Marco, Alana, Lily)
5 S2 icons (Tom/Alana, Tess, Isabelle, Tom)
3 S2 icons (Maia, Alana, Marco/Diana)



Character - Druisilla
Once Upon A Time (Descent Remix) AU explanation of how Drusilla and Angel met, for Redux IV: I Know What You Did Last Remix, T

Character - Illyria
Heartless Angel/SCC crossover ficlet, S5 Angel/S1 general SCC spoilers, T

new Battlestar Galatica


Character - Lee "Apollo" Adama
Game Over spoilers for S2 "Resurrection Ship Part 2", angst, T for language

Pairings - Six/Gaius
Consensual drabble, spoilers for S2 "Resurrection Ship Part 2", mild violence, K+

None so far


Pairing - Claire/Topher
Best Work Ever spoilers for 1x07, angst/UST, K+
It's Hot In Hell spoilers to 1x02 only I think, UST, mild T
No Rest For The Wicked spoilers up to 1x08, can be taken as friendship alone or with UST + character angst, K+



Character - Arthur
There Is Reason Behind Everything Arthur angst relating to Uther for hope_calaris, spoilers for 1x02, K+
Nothing Special past fic with kid!Arthur, Arthur angst relating to Uther for hope_calaris, spoilers for 1x01, K+

Character - Merlin
The Stars Speak ficlet on Merlin and the Dragon's relationship, Spoilers for S1 generally, K

Pairing - Arthur/Morgana
A Strange Style UST/banter ficlet, spoilers for only 1x01, K+
Once More spoilers for 1x01 only, past fic with them as kids. for rei17 emphasising their sibling-relationship, K+

Pairing - Arthur/Gwen
Glimpse drunk!Gwen ficlet, spoilers for S1, T
On The Sidelines angst drabble, spoilers for 1x05, K+
Spare Thoughts mild Arthur/Gwen ficlet, spoilers for 1x10, K+
Walk Alone Arthur/Gwen friendship, spoilers for 1x12, K+

None so far


24 S1 promo icons (Gaius, Merlin, Uther, Morgana, Arthur, Gwen, Nimueh and Lady Helen)
4 Morgana
128 Merlin, Morgana, Gwen, Morgana/Gwen + Katie McGrath icons here and here
14 icons here (Nimueh, Gwen, Morgana, Arthur, Uther)
7 icons here (Arthur, Morgana, Merlin)


Claire/Zach - Dark Days future angst/dark fic, K+
Nathan/Niki, Nathan/Heidi - Semantics spoilers up to S1 "Nothing To Hide”, K+

11 Claire/Zach icons




Pairings - Abby/Connor
Foolproof Plan set S2 or post-s2 if you like but no spoilers, fluff/humour/pre-relationship with OC, T
It's Never Too Late drabble, no specifics spoilers, T for language
Let It Be spoilers up to end of S2, also has Helen/Nick and possible Jenny/Nick + Nick/Claudia K+
Do Not Stray written for 2009 , early S3 spoilers, angt + fluff, kids future fic, K+

Pairings - Nick/Jenny
No Way Out drabble, angst, spoilers for S2, T
Glimmer for fredbassett, spoilers for S2, T
Maintenance for reggietate, spoilers for S2, T
For Everything There Is A Time written for 2009 , early S3 spoilers, T

Pairings - Nick/Claudia
A to Z of Management spoilers S1 only, angst and humour, K+

Pairings - Other

Helen/Lester - Turn The Tables drabble for tree at , S1 spoilers, K+
Nick/Lester - Hard To Categorise for fredbassett, spoilers for S2, T
Stephen/Ryan - The Time Is Right for lukadreaming, drabble, spoilers for S1, M
Lester/Lyle - A Day in the Life (Insufferable Fools Remix) remix fic based off A Day in the Life by lsellersfic, spoilers for S2, MA

None so far


13 here (Claudia, Abby, Connor, Stephen, Leek, Jenny, quote)
36 here from 1x01 (Nick, Claudia, Lester, Ryan, Abby/Lester, Abby/Claudia, Ryan/Nick and Nick/Lester)
OC icons (Finn, Connor/Finn, Lyle (Daniel Craig), Lester/Lyle, Kalti, Roger Kenstone, Hugh McAllister (Kevin McKidd), Shane Wells (Rufus Sewell) and James Murray.)
47 from 1x04 (Stephen, Helen, Abby, Connor, Claudia, Ryan, Ryan/Nick, Helen/Nick, Helen/Claudia/Ryan, Stephen/Claudia, Helen/Ryan, Helen/Claudia and Claudia/Ryan.)
17 from 1x06 (Helen, Nick, Connor, Claudia, Ryan, Helen/Ryan, Claudia/Helen, Nick/Helen, Claudia/Abby and Nick/Ryan )
45 icons here (Connor, Abby, Connor/Abby, Jenny/Nick, Claudia, S3 cast, Claudia/Lester, Lester/Lyle, Lester, Stephen, Helen, Jenny, creature, actors icons from behind the scenes & interviews)
60 icons here (Helen, Nick/Helen, Nick/Stephen, Nick, Nick/Ryan, Ryan, Abby, Abby/Connor, Claudia, Lester, Lester/Claudia, Stephen, Connor, S3 character)

1 Claudia & Jenny and 1 Nick (Nick/Helen + Nick/Claudia) set - here


None so far


46 icons here (Henry, Ashely, Helen, Druitt, Tesla, Will, Henry/Ashley)
12 icons here (Henry, Ashley, Helen, Druitt, Tesla, Henry/Ashley)

None so far

Stargate Atlantis


Duty S1 set, tag for Siege Part 1, friendship/emotion HC, K
Refuge S1 set, double drabble for Seige Part 1, Weir/McKay/Sheppard friendship and city orientated, K
Harmless Fun humour ficlet for SGAHC 5 minute challenge, T
Wishful Thinking spoilers to S2 "Intruder", for the SGAHC 5 minute lightbulb challenge, humour/friendship/alien shenanigans, K+
Practical Magic Halloween fic with Athosians, spoilers early S1, K
Tainted - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 (WIP) multiple povs on events of S2's "Critical Mass", T
Conflict of Interests tag for "The Hive" Elizabeth's pov on McKay, friendship/team, K+
Fiendish humour fic, features OC, K
Snapshot Carson/Ford friendship, spoilers up to S2 “Seige Part 3”, T
Fairytale BYOS + Kavanagh angst, K+

Character - Chuck
Payback drabble for prompt "pressure", T
Not To My Tastes for planetkiller, Spaceport AU, T
Solo Carson/Chuck friendship, spoilers up to S3 "First Strike", K+

Character - Elizabeth Weir
The Gift S1 set, Elizbeth/? poem, tag for "The Storm", K+
Need drabble, S2 "Seige Part 2" spoilers, K+
Fiveways 5 snippets into Elizabeth, S1 spoilers + potentials for S2 "Intruder", K+/T
At Odds for SGAHC challenge, Angst/Therapy, K+
Atlantean Blue S1 set, Elizabeth whump with Mckay/Weir friendship, K+
One Step Forward spoilers for first half of S2, backstory/angst, K+
Achilles Heel spoilers for S2 "Lost Boys", also team/friendship fic, K+
Caught Short angst/backstory with McKay/Weir friendship, K+
The Traveller spoilers for all S2, angst ficlet
Balance Elizabeth interviews Kavanagh, pre-Rising ficlet, K+

Character - Teyla
Severance S1 set, Halling/Teyla friendship (or lack of), K+
A Spare Thought Or Two S5 drabble, Teyla/Todd friendship, K
From the shadows post-Seige Part 2, Teyla/Bates friendship.
Inheritance for the Teyla ficathon, S1 spoilers only, backstory, K+

Character - Heightmeter
The Road To angst, spoilers to S2 "Seige Part 3" K+
Soldier Through This S1 spoilers, angst/backstory, K+

Character - Kavanagh
see fanfic100 table here

Character - Rodney McKay
Integer S1 set, McKay/?, Angst, K
This Is Not Happening spoilers for all S1, angstfic, K+
Possibly S1 spoilers, angst, Rodney/BYOS, K
Fallen early S2 angst/guilt fic, K+

Character - Simpson (Dr from 1x03 "38 Minutes")
see fanfic100 table here

Character - Sora (of the Genii)
Sticks And Stones S1 set, Sora/Teyla friendship, K+
A Long Journey - Part 1, Part, Part 3 (WIP) Angst, warnings for torture/neglect, T
Silhouettes missing scene for "Seige Part 2", backstory/explaination fic, K+

Character - Other

Stackhouse - Released related to S1 "The Brotherhood", angst/backstory, character death, K+

Pairings - Sheppard/Weir

Peace post S1 set, light Shep/Weir

Pairings - McKay/Sheppard

Above All from Weir angst pov, K+

Pairings - McKay/Weir

More Than S1 set, Angst/romance, K+
When No Words Are Said S1 set, McKay/Weir banter/UST, K+
Too Many Scientists Spoil the Plot (WIP) S1 set, AU, Romance/Angst, K+
Lilith (WIP) S1 set, AU, Angst/HC/Romance, R for torture
Whispers S1 set, New Years, Humour/Fluff/Romance, K+
The Watcher S1 set, missing scene/tag for The Storm, K+
Protect Me From What I Want S1 set, tag for "The Eye", Angst, K
On Show S1 set, McKay/Weir UST, Grodin/Weir unrequited and McKay/Heightmeyer hinting, K
A Mutual Feeling futurefic, McKay/Weir UST/friendship/Angst
Just Not There drabble, McKay/Weir friendship + unrequited, K
Dying Thoughts quadrilogy of tags for S1 "Before I Sleep" from 4 different POV's, K+, character death
Judgement post S1, McKay/Heightmeyer, suggested Shep/Weir and angsty McKay/Weir UR/UST, M
Irresistable fluff, M
Simplicity futurefic, friendship/UST, K+, character death
Put In Place S1 set, "The Eye" poem, K+
Saving Graces S1 set, Seige Part 1 tag, McKay/Weir friendship and a bit more, K+, character death
Beseiged S1 set, tag for Siege Part 1, subtle McKay/Weir, K+
Meaning S1 set, "The Eye" missing scene, K
Misjudgement futurefic with McKay/Weir angst and McKay/Carter unrequited, K+, characterdeath
Fine angsty drabble, response to the WeirMcKayship Apologies challenge, K+
Moonshine angsty futurefic (also songfic), spoilers for S1 only, Weir/Other + McKay/Weir unrequited, K+
Break Me Gently Weir jealousy over McKay/Other, K+
Our Time S2- set "Seige Part 2" drabble, K
2 drabbles - here "Spotlight" & "Companion", S1 spoilers to "The Eye" AU and to "The Seige Part 1", K, one with Radek/Elizabeth unrequited
All Mine S1 set AU, darkfic (also songfic) with Kolya/Weir unrequited, T
Deadline S1 set, dark AU to "38 Minutes", McKay/Weir friendship focus, K
Before The Storm S1 set, missing POV's for "The Storm", K
Call My Bluff no spoilers, season unspecific, angst/UST K
Lone Sheep future fic with SG1 S9 spoilers, Sam/McKay and Carson/Elizabeth friendship, K+
Elysium darkfic, implied torture, T
Reunions futurefic from an odd pov, fluff/humour, K+
Answers S2 set, Angst, T
Beaten S1 set, tag for "The Brotherhood", McKay/Weir friendship, Hurt/Comfort, K+
Time - Part 1: An Understanding, (WIP) tags for episodes, friendship/UST, K
Directions technically SG-1 fic, spoilers for SG-1 Season 8 Moebius, alternate reality, K+
Epiphany drabble for 19 challenge on weirmckayship, fluff, K
The Long & Short Of It spoilers for S1, humour/fluff feat. Miko and Heightmeyer, K+
3 automatic drabbles humour/fluff/crack, K+
Refractions AU for S2 "Grace Under Pressure", angst/hc K+
On The Edge AU for S2 "The Long Goodbye", action/angst, K+
And then she said... valentines day drabble, fluff, K
XYZ no spoilers, fluff, K+
Down The Road spoilers to S3 "Sunday", dark future fic, K+

Pairing - John/Teyla

If Only J/T with Elizabeth angst, slash implied, spoilers for S1, G
The Moments Between spoilers for S2 "Trinity", K+

Pairing - Ronon/Teyla
Evolution of Terms spoilers up to S2 'Instinct', K

Pairing - Lorne/Cadman
My Kind of Person spoilers up to S2 "Duet", K+
Returned tag to S2 Coup D'etat tag, angst, K+

Pairing - Other inc. OT3

Grodin/Weir - The Price poem for end of S1 "Seige Part 1", character death
Bring Your Own Ship - Tell Me Lies poem, Angst/Drama/Established Relationship/HC, K
Sam/McKay/Weir - Side by Side for a ficathon, S1 spoilers only, Mature
Zelenka/Heightmeyer - Beyond Limits apoca/tragedy, K+
BYOS - The Conclusion fluff drabble for Christmas 2005, T
Zelenka/Weir - Concentrated S2 set, drabble, UST/fluff
Multiship + Harry Potter crossover - Secreted S2 set, hints of possible McKay/Sam, McKay/Cadman, plus Cadman/Beckett and Zelenka/Heightmeyer, K+
Assorted ship drabbles for No Words challenge - here - Teyla/Bates, Ronon/Weir, Ford/Sora, Heightmeyer/Zelenka, Kavanagh/Simpson
McKay/Weir/Sheppard - Interlude post "Seige Part 12" angst OT3, MA
Echoes Post "Siege Part 1" angsty OT3 fic for McKay/Weir(/Grodin), M
Sheppard/Vala - The Season humour/pre-relationship ficlet, general S10 SG1/S4 SGA spoilers, K+
Kav/Weir unrequited with Weir/BYOS - Inside Out S1 set, K

http://missyvortexdv.livejournal.com/13721.html - Repost ff.net fics to LJ!


McKay/Weir - Calm Before The Storm to "Reprise" by The Doves, spoilers for first half of S1
Elizabeth, vaguely McKay/Weir - A Matter of Time to "?" by ?,
McKay/Weir - Lost to "Tired of You" by Foo Fighters, S1 only. WMV, low 13mb, high 50mb.
McKay vs. Chaya - Judgement to "Hooker" by Pink, spoilers up to S1 "Sanctuary", implied Shep/Chaya and possibly McKay/Sheppard jealousy. WMV.
Ford - My World to "Ordinary" by Train, spoilers for S1. WMV, low 9mb, high 31mb.
Bates - to "My Vietnam" by Pink, S1 only. MV, low 10mb, high 33mb.
Elizabeth -
Beyond to "Extreme Ways" by Moby, S1 only. WMV
Carson/Perna - Grace to "Queen of Argyll" by Silly Wizard, S1's "Poisoning the Well". WMV
Teyla - On The Outside to "Lonely Girl" by Pink, S1 only. WMV, low 11mb, high 40mb.
"Childhood's End" vid - Protection to "The Kid's Aren't Alright" by Offspring. WMV
Rodney, Weir, General - Rodney McKay's Sunscreen to "Wear Sunscreen" by Baz Luhrmann, spoilers S1 + S2. WMV, 3 versions.
McKay/Weir - The Journey to "The Promise" by When In Rome, spoilers up to S2 first half. WMV, 2 versions.

Icons etc -
4 S1 here (DH, M/W, Weir)
5 S1 here (Weir, Bates, Ford, Grodin)
S1 multishipping animated graphic to advertise
Doctor McKay / Doctor Weir TARDIS banner
30 icons + many small av's up to S2 (Weir, Teyla, Sora, Ronon, Ford, Shep, Genii, Atlantis, Perna, McKay/Weir, John/Teyla, John/Teyla/Ford, Shep/Weir, McKay/Cadman)
McKay/Weir "The Eye" Banner
Assorted shippy banners S1 and early S2 (Shep/Teyla, Shep/Ford, Ronon/Teyla, Ford/Teyla)
3 icons of sad Rodney from S2 "The Long Goodbye"
20 Weir multiship icons from S2 "Critical Mass"
6 icons here S3? Jeannie, S4/5 Teyla and Weir
4 icons here (Weir, McKay)

McKay/Weir shippy reviews - 1x03, 1x04, 1x11

McKay/Weir wallpapers - http://missyvortexdv.livejournal.com/48851.html - need reuploading

Screencaps - 1x03, 1x04

McKay fangirl picspam story - just a bit of fun composed long ago between the crazed minds of the regulars of the GateWorld McKay Thunk Thread with S1 pics.

David Hewlett graphics - larger ones for Cube and Nothing here + two accompanying icons here

Kavanagh 2 x wallpapers here.

Teyla picspam spoilers for up to S5

Unofficial Guide to Gateworld - could do with some improvement, I feel like it sounds patronising in places but I wrote it because there are some key things forum FAQs just don't cover.

Meta on why I enjoy Kavanagh/Simpson

Pegasus 1 convention - writeup
Pegasus 4 convention - writeup + pics

Stargate SG-1


Sam/Ba'al - Fetish PWP/humour, spoilers Up to Season 8's Reckoning Part 2, T

Replicarter/Fifth - Safety S8 set, Angst, K

Ba'al/? - Undeniable spoilers up to S8 "Reckoning Part 2", cracked out fic, warnings for pretty much inanimate object shipping, K+

Vala - Everything Burns spoilers S9 up to Avalon and Origin, character reflection/angst, K+
Vala, with D/V leanings - Liberty spoilers to S9 "Beachhead", angst/character reflection, T
Daniel, with D/V - Misplaced Faith spoilers to S9 "Beachhead", angst, T

Vala/Sheppard - The Season humour/pre-relationship ficlet, general S10 SG1/S4 SGA spoilers, K+

None so far




8 icons here S9 Sam and Vala + S7 Kianna

Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles


Character - John
Prophecy angst ficlet, also features Cameron reflections, S1 general spoilers, K+

Character - Cameron
Heartless Angel/SCC crossover ficlet, S5 Angel/S1 general SCC spoilers, T



Character - Owen Harper
Stuck angst, spoilers for 2x07, K+

Pairings - Tosh/Owen
First And Last angst, spoilers for 2x07, K+
The Meaning Of banter, episode related, spoilers for 2x05, K+

General/Other Fandoms

My very first tutorial - I rather think the icon is lame nowadays but I suspose there's still a chance it could be informative. :)

6 - 100x100 texture packs - restrained #1, walled #1-4 and ankarsvik.

Tags: my fic, my vids, primeval, sg1, sga

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