Purpleyin/Hans (missyvortexdv) wrote,

Primeval fic: It's Never Too Late (Abby/Connor drabble) - written for primeval_canon drabble tree

Title: It's Never Too Late
Author: Purpleyin
Rating: T for language

Summary: Abby has a shock and then so does Connor.
Spoilers: none

A\N: Written as part of the primeval_canon drabble tree.

"Fuck," she muttered to herself. "Where the hell am I?" She'd been in hotels plenty but this was humongous, to match Bridezilla's ego. Honestly, she wasn't sure how Connor was related – go fetch this Annie darling! - maybe the age gap explained the differences or adoption.

She turned the corner and froze, staring at the couple making out, at the immaculately dressed Connor with his lips capturing those of a giggly redhead. He looks at her for a moment before she's passed over as not important.

Abby steps back, flat against the wall only to see Connor approaching from the other direction – he'd said he had a brother, obviously forgetting him being a twin. In seconds her lips claim his, desperately glad she's not too late.
Tags: my primeval fic, primeval:abby/connor, primeval:drabble

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