Purpleyin/Hans (missyvortexdv) wrote,

Primeval screencaps: S3 trailer

Okay, I finally got to screencapping the S3 Primeval trailer I'd captured a few weeks ago. I thought they'd make for interesting discussion of S3 as the trailer goes so fast it's much easier to make out detail on caps. Plus maybe they'll even make for cool icons as apart from lots of action and creature shots there are some very nice Abby and Connor ones.

Beware that they also reveal another new character who we've not seen in promo pics before and I think was only mentioned in one interview I've read.

The Rules are:
-comment if taking
-credit if using, to missyvortexdv/Purpleyin
-no claiming as your own

That last rule's really politeness as caps do take hours to sort out - in this case about 4 hrs for a vid not 2 minutes long.

Also I would love to get linked to any discussion or graphics resulting from the caps. :)

Anyhow, caps are 320 x 240 as that's as big as the source file is. All jpgs, not edited in any way. 462 pictures in an 19Mb rar file.


Right click to save as
Tags: my graphics, primeval:screencaps

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