Purpleyin/Hans (missyvortexdv) wrote,

SGA/SG1 fic recs

I've read over all the sga_santa fics that interested me today, plus all the categories of Isis crossover noms I was intrigued by and hence I got some recs.

That Which Does Not Kill - Lorne and Radek action/whump with bonding.
There is a Universe - Shep angst/whump?, a bit of a mindfrak but worth it to read I reckon.
Relating - Radek and Ronon bonding/friendship with really nice insight into Radek's past.
Responsibility - what I loved best in this is Ronon. It's Sheppard's POV and plenty of others appear but Ronon pwns this fic ultimately.
An Old Enemy - rather chilling in the conclusion but interesting to see a certain race pop up again.
Batteries Not Included - honestly found it creepy but amusing too, nice bit of crazed scenario team fic.

Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This - Cameron/Elizabeth, bittersweet but full of charm.
that our sons may follow after... - Cameron/Elizabeth, [Adult Rated]. Slightly apocalyptic AU set on Earth, with Elizabeth doing the sort of stuff she used to which is ace honestly + Cam is a nice extra side.
Time Difference - Daniel/Elizabeth, a peaceful lovely fic
A question of perspective Or Reality Doesn't Always Come in Second to Fantasy - Sam/Rodney, [Adult Rated]. One of the best fics I've read for the pairing. As you may be able to guess, apart from the usual banter there is resolution and it's not a soppy smoochy kind but realistic and in character. Quite interesting look at both characters really.

Also The Truth About Alliances - John/Teyla (but not lots) + implied Rodney/Keller. Mostly team/gen and very interesting culturally and as an explanation for some of the troubles they've encountered in their time in Pegausus. I loved this, just *huggles the fic* - could spawn a lot of plot bunnies I'm sure.

I think though the story that I heart the most from today, and possibly out of any sga fic I've read in a very long time, is Woven Together. If you like non-angsty (for the most part) team fic then you should read, if you like Teyla fic read, if you like cultural/customs included then read. This fic is just perfect for this time of year or if you just need a pick-me-up.
Tags: sg1:cameron/elizabeth, sg1:daniel/elizabeth, sg1:fic rec, sga:fic rec, sga:john/teyla, sga:lorne, sga:mckay/carter, sga:ronon, sga:sheppard, sga:team, sga:teyla, sga:zelenka

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