Purpleyin/Hans (missyvortexdv) wrote,

Fic: Need

Title: Need
Author: Purpleyin
Spoilers: Seige part 2 only
Summary: A very short Weir piece set after Seige part 2 that came from nowhere.


She'd never seen a Wraith up close. Apart from Steve.
But Steve was different, Steve was a pet, a prisoner.
Steve hadn't loomed over her, Steve had been behind bars – they'd been protected.
She couldn't see the sneer on this one‘s face, it was masked but even then she could sense it’s joy of finding prey in its sights. Matted white hair sticking out around the face hugger of a mask, a crabby like covering and as if it didn't need a mouth, it didn't even need a weapon either. It needed, it wanted her.
She was frozen, as was everyone around her for a second, no talk. And then there were shots, the arm raised high never came down to her chest. The body toppled over, heavy and unsupported, Rodney bracing his gun still pointed at where the Wraith's head had been.

“Came in handy after all, eh?” he joked weakly.
Tags: my sga fic, sga:drabble, sga:mckay/weir

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