Purpleyin/Hans (missyvortexdv) wrote,

Torchwood Fic: The Meaning Of (1/1 K+ Tosh/Owen)

Title: The Meaning Of
Author: Purpleyin
Rating: K+

Summary: Virtual gifts can mean as much as physical ones. Tosh/Owen.

Spoilers: Up to Episode 2x05 “Adam”.

A\N: For melissima as part of fandom_stocking 2008.


A week after flowers mysteriously turn up on Tosh's desk, they turn up on his desktop.

“Is this you?” he asks, turning the monitor so she can view it.

“Me?” she says, walking across to the station he's using.

“Yes” he replies, irritated.

She leans closer and then over his shoulder to supposedly take a better look at the suspicious wallpaper.

“Hmm, Amaryllis.”

“Well?” he asks, ignoring her identification – who gives a damn what type of flowers they are.

“You don't do apologies, I don't do jokes. I'm sure you'd agree.”

Her accompanying smile is a little bitter, vicious almost, and strangely alluring.

“Do you do mind games by any chance?”

That isn't said with as much annoyance as he'd expect, he surprises himself there, and Tosh looks at him obviously realising that.

“You'll have to wait and see, won't you.”

She says that more like her old self, but he watches her sashay away, in a quite tight pencil skirt, with more confidence than he's ever seen. Then, just as he intends to break his gaze away from her – why is he looking anyway? - he glances back and, uncharacteristically he'd have said, Tosh winks at him.

After that, he has to work hard to clear his mind before he can possibly think of getting back to business. And who said Monday morning's were dull? He'll never agree about that again, not for a while at least.
Tags: my torchwood fic, tw:tosh/owen

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