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Episode 3x01 thoughts

Okay, I'm not imagining it am I - Nick did call her Claudia Brown at the start? Either Jenny takes it as an in joke or something like Jenny merging back in to Claudia has happened... I'm a bit confused on that. Can't recall if Lester called her Jenny or not. Eh, will see in the next ep and with a rewatch of this. If this is so I could definitely work stuff with my primevalbigbang fic as in between seasons almost fix it fic, but that'd mean watching all of S3 before writing any more. Probably sensible really.

Sarah Page initial thoughts - I like her and her introduction was actually not so badly handled, seems a bit unplausible almost but not massively so. I might even like to read some Sarah/Abby or Sarah/Connor friendship fic, Sarah/Claudia or Sarah/Nick friendship too - everyone needs more friendship fic, k?

So yeah, she's an egyptologist or mythologist, whatever - of course it's going to be compared to SG but I don't care much, I'm looking forward to the legends link since I always thought there surely should be anomalies into other non-prehistoric times. Totally got a picture in my brain that deserves some fan art of Helen posing as an Egyptian God, being worshipped as a little vacation lol.

Speaking of Helen, hurray for sensible but cool futuristic combat ready clothing this season. I'm surprised Helen doesn't know what that thing is, yet Lester's new nemesis/beau? does. I think I already am liking the setup for this season. After all, Sarah's intro went all right in my opinion, Becker is in there but not massively pushed on us yet, taking it slow, and the preview for next episode makes me feel a bit better about Quinn's introduction too. All in all I'm pretty excited for the season, especially on the Nick/Helen and Lester fronts.

Random thoughts...
- gutter!mind made me have thoughts about how Connor got over his issue with toilets, not to mention how the issue with museums could be resolved. Yes, bad thoughts. Evil smutty fic writer bunnies!
- not so fond of Claudia/Jenny's new fringe, makes her face appear too round. Season 1 look is still my favourite and the same goes for Cutter's hair.
- do they, Nick and Claudia/Jenny seem closer? how much time is meant to have passed? enough time for hair growing or cuts evidently. timelines based on how fast hair could grow lol.
- Connor still has his old look, just new hair. I'm liking new hair on both him and Abby = hair!envy
- hey, Abby and Connor's flat has got new things, oooh. Set!love.
- I was sort of hoping they'd keep and study the suncage.
- only one episode and I could go for some Becker/Lester snarky banter fic. I'm not sure how that is. I'm not a big one for all the slashed OC's or anything and I never really got into any ofo the other main character slashes, but that maybe I could get behind. Must be the pretty on show + the snarky.
- just where was that cliff meant to be?
Tags: primeval, review

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