Purpleyin/Hans (missyvortexdv) wrote,

The fangirl saga

I posted these over on the gateworld forums DH/McKay thunk thread. Hope these make someone laugh, it's always nice to be the cause of that.

Time for pics...thunking with captions.

"What do you mean I have fangirls?"

"Wait, what are fangirls...?

The stress of being loved and adored was getting to him, who knew what moment they might choose to strike!

When he least expected (the season was almost over, nearly home free)...

"The scanners have picked up an enemy approaching.."

"Oh my God, it's them! Fangirls; there are hundreds of them!

"Major?" Rodney calls for help...

"I'd like to help out, McKay. Really I would, but I'm kinda in a sticky situation." *Damn fangirls* mutters Shep, praying his own will come to the rescue.

The fangirls had gotten to poor Steve too. They'd go to any lengths to get what they wanted.

Rodney escapes from the fangirl infested planet yet he faces worse back on Atlantis

"Seriously this is a very bad idea. I don't know if you realise but I have a hoard of rabid fangirls after me and they won't be pleased with you when they find me..."

Luckily the Genii weren't willing to deal with the trouble he brought, but Rodney still had to face them himself.

"They're getting desparate, they're trying to flush us out now."

The rest of the team holds them off while Rodney makes his escape.

Finally a solution is found.

"I never thought I'd say this but... "

"...I'm glad we brought Kavanagh, he's the perfect fangirl deterrent'.
Tags: actors:david_hewlett, sga:humour, sga:mckay, sga:picspam

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