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Telltale games code

Telltale Games is 5 years old! So I got given a coupon to share, valid for 10 more days roughly. Get episodes for $5, instead of the usual $9 + for every person that uses it I also get $1 credit. :D

Seems nifty if anyone already has an interest in their games and wants to try an episode or two out on the cheap.

Also for fellow Monkey Island fans I recommend this post by Ron Gilbert looking back on the making of the original game.


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Jun. 8th, 2009 07:22 am (UTC)
Do you mean the new Telltale games or the do-over of MI1?

As far as I can tell Telltale are just continuing off where Lucasarts dropped the ball and giving more Monky Island (but yeah, the 3D graphic style on theiur shots is leaving me at best meh) but the rerelease of the original is adding voiceovers and opening it up to console gamers, a whole new market.
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Jun. 9th, 2009 07:26 am (UTC)
Yes, but I wasn't sure if you were talking about the new episodic Monky Island or the rerelease on Xbox Live Arcade.

I didn't know they redid it for Ps2.

How long do the Jak & Daxter games take then? Definitely WTF on only PS2.I know PS2 market is still alive and kicking but seems odd as most games like that would be PS2 and Wii usually if the restriction is the graphics.

Only 2 reasons I can think of, a) PS3 dev kits were pretty expensive until recently announced price cuts (but a big enough company should be able to deal with that) or b) they started befoe PS3 came out (which is 4 years now...) and it's deemed too much effort/not necessary to redo all the graphics into HD for it. That said, neither seems a good reason.

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Jun. 10th, 2009 05:40 pm (UTC)
I'm wary of game franchises moving companies, I'm not sure it does well half the time, but I must say the game they were working on instead, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, is one of my favourites on PS3 and a sequel (with multiplayer) is being released this year as well. Uncharted 1 is platinum already but that's true for all games on ps3 released then, now about 5 years ago, I suspect mainly because there's a real push to sell more hardware by enticing with cheaper games, the Wii and 360 having outsold the PS3 heftily, everywhere but Japan.

A lot of games companies do go for make what you know sells, Nintendo seems to with sticking as the key Mario and a few other key series. Resident Evil, Sonic and Final Fantasy get recurring love too. I think however that as much as there's that the companies want to be making the next best thing, and not redoing old ideas except where they are bound to sell bunches.

Personally I find it a shame that if they are gonna push for making new IP that no one experiments with bringing back adventure games or new platform games so much, those genres being old staples that largely fall out of favour.

I hear hype about how games companies are recession proof, but not more than any other media companies I wouldn't say. Sales aren't majorly affected from what I've read so I don't know if much has changed - though I'd think it'd be less risks, more focus on cash cows.

Supposedly media keeps going in hard times because it's used as an escape from worries. Mind you, a number of UK games companies have closed down, possibly this is due to lack of tax breaks our industry is given over here compared to music and film. I here Canada is a pretty good place for games companies though. :)

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Jun. 11th, 2009 07:48 pm (UTC)
The main advantage PS3 has is built in bluray drive, but I know that's not a sell for most people and the standalone drives have seen dropped in price significantly. I do like the online services are free on Playstation Network, though it's mitigated by lack of good online games for the platform.

It seems like all games for consoles are about £40-45 over here - some clearly not worth it but they all charge the same on launch day and then it's a matter of how fast they come down. I've noticed the second hand prices aren't so low anymore since the credit crunch though. :( I rarely buy a game new unless I'm damn sure I'll get my monies worth, like with Sims 3.

I bought my PS3 in 2007? with a work bonus and part of the reason was to get one with PS2 support (as we never had a PS2 and they were £100 alone), but certainly now they don't have backwards compatibility the hardware does seem pretty damn expensive in comparison. I think there are some sweet deals being offered over here though, they tend to throw in 2-3 games, same for blurays and 2 controllers and such but that only really helps if you want/need them.

I guess Sony don't want to heavily subsidise the hardware to drive software sales, unlike Microsoft who supposedly lose money on the hardware just as they did with the original Xbox (but arguably make up lots of the online subscriptions).

I have to wonder if Japanese have more loyalty to the brand of Sony or more disposable income (or if it's cheaper there due to not exporting it?), there has to be a reason why it sells heaps better there...

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