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Festivids 2018 recs

Been meaning to do this post for about a month...oops. Anyhow, I really enjoyed taking part in Festivids this year - the collection for it is over here.

I made a Hackers (1995) vid "Dial Me Up" for bingeling - it's short but snappy 1.30 mins since it's for one of the less featured characters in the film, Ramon "Phantom Phreak" Sanchez. He's not in the final third of the film sadly but he gets some great lines and is a very stylish individual too.

I also had the gift of a Legion (TV) vid "No Maker Made Me" made for me by caramarie, which is a very creepy vid, exactly fitting for the mindfuck that is Legion and the direction S2 went in. Warning for big end of S2 spoilers in it and probably won't make any sense if you've not seen the show.

Onto more recs.

Ocean's Eight was very popular and I've not actually seen it yet but watching vids for it made me even more excited to. My favourites were "Bad Girls" by Elipie (great song, a relentless energy to it), "(Don't See) Too Many Rivals Now" by flickerface (an interesting song choice, nice edge to it) and "I Know What I Am" by mithborien (cool song, loved the movement and pacing in this one).

GLOW had several I loved - "Stir It Up" by thingswithwings (so much fun), "am I only dreaming?" also by thingswithwings (a very lovely Arthie/Yolanda vid) and "Champions" by findmeinthealps (fab song choice with Queen, good ensemble that is kickass and heartfelt at the same time).

The Expanse also had some great vids (beware S3 footage if you've not seen, I spoiled myself but don't regret it) - "Soldier" by runawaynun (Bobby/Chrisjen with a heavy focus on Bobby's arcs I really enjoyed), "Miss Me" also by runawaynun (a fast paced hard hitting Chrisjen is awesome vid) and "Unlock The Lock" by AurumCalendula (a beautiful, melodic Bobby/Chrisjen vid that flows so well).

Some assorted film vid recs here:
Hidden Figures "Sisters of the Moon" by AurumCalendula
The Manchurian Candidate "Poor Sucker" by starlady - not seen the film but this was very atmospheric and fascinating to watch.
Much Ado About Nothing "Victim of Love" by Dee_Laundry - I wasn't all that keen on the film myself, I find it hard to get into the language, but this vid caught my attention and quite enjoyed it.
Gingersnaps trilogy "In Another Life" by feedingonwind - I've only seen the first film but it was interesting to see the parallels between the three films, and a haunting but sweet song choice there.
That Thing You Do "Swooner" by CherryIce - loved the pacing and really enjoyed this.
Битва за Севастополь | Battle for Sevastopol (2015) "It's nothing at all" by condnsdmlk - Not seen the film but I enjoyed this, made me want to check it out.
The Innocents "Goodbye" by feedingonwind - Not familiar with the source but I loved the sense of foreboding and confusion this conveyed.

Some comedy, fun and feel good vid recs next.
Spaced "Skip to the Good Bit" by odessie - so much packed into this for the show.
The Good Place "All Star" by maristu - such a good Jason vid that I adored.
Archer "Woo hoo!" by meivocis - I still haven't seen Archer, I just loved the comic timing for this vid.
Buzzfeed Unsolved - there was "Let's Get Into The Theories" by bessyboo (such a genius song choice for this, so fun) and also "Somebody's Watching Me" by elipie (another really fun song choice,though this one is spookier).
The Incredible Dr. Pol "Three" by chaila - cute vid for Tater the three-legged cat.
Miss Fisher Mysteries "Prove It On Me" by runawaynun - another one for a show I've not seen yet but was just a fun vid to watch.
Pose (TV 2018) "Crazy, Classic, Life" by metatxt - never saw this show but it was a really fun and emotive vid.

A couple of heartfelt vids:
Dead Like Me "smile (the worst is yet to come)" by turquoisetumult - both sad and uplifting.
Longmire "Hey, brother" by bironic - not seen the show but it was a beautiful vid to watch, so much emotion and care in it.

A vid for Machineries of Empire series "Ninefox" by Rhea - I am not familiar with the source but from what I could tell from other comments it's for a book series, no actual vid source of its own so that makes this extra impressive a vid. It was also such a visually varied and interesting vid that it was quite enjoyable even without knowing anything of the source.

Last rec is for a show I haven't seen but am so eager to, and I really loved this vid for Killing Eve "Little Bit More" by blithesea - even not having seen the show yet the vid was still plenty engaging and cool to watch, loved the editing for it. :D

Tags: dead like me, festivids, films, glow, hackers, legion, ocean's eight, other fandoms, spaced, the expanse, the good place, vid recs
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