Purpleyin/Hans (missyvortexdv) wrote,

M/W wallpaper

Hi all

Thought I'd share with you something I made for the 1000th post on the GateWorld forums McKay/Weir thread. Incase anyone is interested here's the thread - we get alot of discussion going over there and the forums are great for Stargate talk. Well recommended...

Anyway the treat is a wallpaper, made last night by me quickly.I used a brush by Ambiently

Links to the file on my server are.
For with words
800 by 600

1024 by 768

1280 by 960

Without words
800 by 600

1024 by 768

1280 by 960

Clicking on links will show you a scaled version that you can left click to download or you can click above and save as. If anyone has problems downloading you can find the files in this directory thats browsable.

Can't promise that's up all the time and the server won't be there forever to take if you like. Obviously no hotlinking to the files on my server and no stealing either, but that should go without saying. Feel free to rec around etc, all I ask is credit. And feedback, suggestions for improvements always great because as always I'm still learning how to use the program.

P.S Tristan - would host on photobucket but it'd resize them, which is a bit of bugger when they're wallpapers...
Tags: gateworld, mckay/weir, my graphics, sga, wallpapers

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