Purpleyin/Hans (missyvortexdv) wrote,

SGA Fic: Spotlight & Companion

2 short pieces posted together.

Author: Purpleyin
Rating: General/K
Summary: Short on "The Eye" - AU to how it ended. McKay/Weir friendship.
Spoilers: Up to "The Eye"


We sit on the wagon as it trundles along the route, feeling the roughness of the dirt track as the wheels workover each tiny bump like an endless string of potholes. I feel her move closer, a shift that would remain unseen to our captors, but it's felt. Just like the brush of her fingers against mine as she casually moves her bound hands, covering the gesture up by flipping hair off her face.

As we're paraded like trophies to the Genii, she turns to me, eyes bright, strong in the face of our uncertain future. I'm glad I'm not alone.

Title: Spotlight
Author: Purpleyin
Rating: General/K
Summary: Short on The Brotherhood - Radek/Weir UR + McKay/Weir UST.
Spoilers: Up to "The Brotherhood"


For a short time I was part of the loop with her.
I had the answers; she looked to me for advice.
She smiled like an angel, at me this time.
A small but beautiful, majestic smile because I, Radek, had amused Elizabeth Weir.

And then he was back. Without the ZPM.
Never said why – just that it was lost, and he looked lost.
I still got to give the explanation.
But no one wants that kind of bad news.
Rodney watched the screen, and she watched him.
Out of the loop again.
And it's not a loop, it's a pair; it's them.
Tags: mckay/weir, my sga fic, sga, weir/zelenka

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