Purpleyin/Hans (missyvortexdv) wrote,

SGA Fic: All mine (Teen) 1/1

Title: All Mine
Author: Purpleyin

Spoilers: Season 1, up to Brotherhood
Summary: Dark fic. Kolya won't let her go. Also a songfic (Portishead - All Mine)- Kolya/Weir UR and Weir/?.

Disclaimer: I don't own the rights to SGA nor to the song lyrics used here, but this is fanfiction and no copyright infringement is intended – just plain non-profit fandom fun.

All mine

All the stars may shine bright
All the clouds may be white
But when you smile
Ohh how I feel so good
That I can hardly wait

I saw the smile you hide behind that infernal mask that you give up only for him.
You are a woman of power, controlled, set in a place you do not belong. I saw that the first time I met you, and I knew I could not let you slip away from me after having you in my grasp.

Now that I finally have you I smile, but you don't have to smile for me, anything will do, anything that shows. I want you to break, to surrender to emotion. I want you so much I almost don't care which feeling overcomes you.

To hold you
Enfold you
Never enough
Render your heart to me

You try to detach yourself, to leave even if I embrace you physically but I won't let you. I hold you, and I make it known. A trail of cuts as if they were kisses, pain trapping you to my side. Finally, you let yourself break free of that restraint, and I smile at your beauty.

All mine...
You have to be

That's what I strive for, for you to be mine, mine only. To burn away memories of your other life. To rid you of him. Because you shouldn't smile for him when you look at me. I know you try to substitute, to make your world have some semblance of what you know, but I will make this your world, and the face you imagine will be exactly what you see.

From that cloud, number nine
Danger starts the sharp incline
And such sad regrets
Ohh as those starry skies
As they swiftly fall

You thought you were free; you thought you were protected. Sheppard should have killed me and then you would have been. But he didn't, and now you find yourself here – before me, and you will give yourself over to me. Your men can't save you now, not your Major nor McKay; neither is here to risk life and limb for you this time. Though there is no danger here, simply you - and me.

There's a fine line between love and hate, and you seem to want to test it. It's all about passion anyway. Your scream is as sweet as any praise, your hate second best to love but just enough for me.

Make no mistake
You shan't escape
Tethered and tied
There's nowhere to hide from me

You smile tonight as I fall. You grin madly, near weeping with happiness at the sight of him with a Genii gun in his hand. A gun still smoking slightly, clasped tightly like he's suddenly calm and collected – like you once were, not letting any anger seep over apart from that flare of rage right before he pulled the trigger and shot me in the back. And I could only mouth silent words as it hit me and watch your joy as you ran to him. Turning over, he's there with that mask, your neutrality, on his face. No emotion but eyes dark, betraying the truth. You smile because he came, no matter that he came too late.

All mine...
You have to be

You look at me one last time, and for a second I mistake the blankness for your control. But no, you are detached, and nothing is there but the memories. Pain is just another memory to you; you don't understand every emotion is that now. That everything will come back to this.

Don't resist
We shall exist
Until the day I die
Until the day I die

The face you imagine will always be me even after I am long gone. I've made my mark despite that this ending is wrong. He may hold you and help you find yourself, but you will always remember this time, the weeks spent here together.

I shall look over you in death as I sought to in life, and when you look into his eyes, you'll wonder if he's the same. You'll call my name from your dreams, ripping his love to tender pieces because you'll never be free again. Not even he can change that. What's done is done. There could be no sweeter thought as I die but to know you're mine until you draw your last breath.

All mine...
You have to be

Tags: kolya/weir, mckay/weir, my sga fic, sga, shep/weir, weir/other

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