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Tedium involving pixels

I've been GIMPing today and searched for ages on this site
Lots of pretty fonts that are easily installed in GIMP, so finally I shall be able to find something I want for icons - suitable text not just Sans whatever. Still I've only been all the way through A and B of the site.

Also found a handy program Xnview which made converting batches of BMP's into JPG's, needed after I used powerdvd to cap Torri Higginson scenes from The English patient. Caps here (NO HOTLINKING!) http://mcweir.com/central/englishpatient/
uploaded to my new domain with kftpgrabber, another nice program (though it could be better...)

Saw English Patient last night - very good film but quite long. Had some very good actors in it and despite being set in WII had very little war stuff. Very sad film though, needed hugs after that one. Also ended up watching Elizabeth after that at 1am for some reason (whilst eating watermelon :D ) which was pretty good but more historically based obviously even if liberties are taken with certain elements. Interesting to see several actors in their roles, not least Christopher Eccleston playing the Duke(?) of Norfolk -not seen him as other role (apart from Shallow Grave which I only today found out who he was in it!).

And the rest of the day I spent trying to make a sig for someone on GateWorld forums, who is a big McKay fan and has a DR Who related username - hence this is why I spent ages on the font site to find a Who font (it's Whoopass to save you time - though it doesn't do the D right). I haven't finished her sig yet but in the mean time experimenting with one of the logo's I made this.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I had a tough time with the logos because the one she wanted making was like those but blue-turq blend and if I select the black letters it selects it like an object including the bits around the letters and the blend meshes them all together weirdly. Probably just me using wrong select tool, I'l figure out how or either I'll painstaking find out that is needs doing very tediously like cutting round each letter to select and blending it and matching the exact blend closely enough with the next and below letters - or something like that...

The thing I'm actually making for her sig is a 70's who logo, which is painstaking, managing to double blend the letters (after finding the right font and right size for it for the logo space) and then border and then thicker white border and then another black border - before finding out the original words outer borders are a mix of dark blues/greens and I'll have to pixel in that last. Right now I have to take out the remaining poking out bits of the original word "Who" and fill in up to the edge of the new one which is overlayed. It's very tedious but something I'm hoping to be proud of when I finish. got further problems with the picture toput the edited logo on - the light sources for the person infront and the TARDIS photmanipulated behind are opposng though as Henry suggested I could flip the layer with the person over and the lights would match better - with the added bonus they'd be smiling in the TARDIS direction! :) Lots of work but hopefully pretty cool by the end of it. I hope, I really do hope.

Oh and here's a meme to finish off my day's post.
car key
You're a car key, and not only do you unlock the
car, you help everyone get where they're going.
Important to many but often misplaced, you have
something to offer that everyone wants. Just be
sure you don't let yourself become nothing more
than a means to an end.

What sort of key are you and what do you unlock?
brought to you by Quizilla


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Jun. 27th, 2005 08:59 am (UTC)
Mogrify will allow you to perform operations on every image in a directory.
for example, offhand,
mogrify -size 120x120 *.jpg
will resize every file ending in .jpg in this directory so that it's maximum dimension is 120 px. Handy for thumbnail generation - although this comment will replace the images, so copy the directory before mogrifying it.
Jun. 27th, 2005 11:37 am (UTC)
Oooh, nice, though I had discovered several scripts to do such a thing and people saying batch mode GIMp could cnvert lots of bmp to jpegs but no actual script to do it and of course me lazy no writy any script if I don't have too... :D Xnview worked pretty fine once I found the button for batch convert (not on the file etc menu but it had a button elsewhere...!)
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