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SGA Fic: Harmless Fun (1/1 - Teen) Humourfic for a challenge

Response to the SGAHC 5 minute fic challenge. Starting off with "Good grief! Is he...NAKED?"

Title:Harmless Fun

Just a little piece for the 5 minute fic challenge at SGAHC where we were given the first line to start with.

Harmless Fun

"Good grief! Is he...NAKED?"

Up until that point he'd been focused on Kavanagh, who'd sprinted past rather comically since he wasn't exactly used to the exercise, but now John turned to where Elizabeth was looking, towards the other entrance area where a second rapidly moving blob had come into the gateroom by. And that happened to be a stark naked Rodney Mckay in pursuit of his archnemesis of the science department. He was almost out of the room, making good headway on Kavanagh's position - by now close to the nearest transporter his life signs detector told him - when he stopped dead as a more than a little irritated Weir called out.


John winced at the tone of her voice. Maybe Kavanagh had done something despicable, humilitating and underhand, probably relating to McKay's state of undress, but he bet that no amount of schoolyard reasoning was going to quell Elizabeth's anger. After all it was just the other day she'd lectured him and McKay on following proper procedure, no matter what the provocation. There'd been plenty of pressure piled on about presenting Atlantis as heads of departments and setting a good example. Of course all that went out the window when there was a prank war declared between the science factions.

John smirked as he overheard Elizabeth order that Rodney was to return to his quarters immediately, followed by a brief note that she'd deal with the incident fully later on, after she'd reprimanded Kavanagh. There was a brief smug glint in McKay's eyes at the mention of Kavanagh getting his comeuppance until she added in about expecting more from Rodney, which made his small smile falter, before she turned her glare upon him.

“And I'll be requiring your prescence too, Major, at 1500hrs in my office.”

“Me, but I''ve nothing to do with this.” he protested, putting on his best innocent face.

Weir's penetrating look cut right through him, one eyebrow arching questioningly at his statement, like she'd never believe he hadn't had anything to do with McKay's predicament.

“1500hrs, both of you.” she said tersely, one eye glancing back at McKay who was still standing there, rather undignified with his hands cupped over his nether regions. “And for goodness sake lend him your jacket or ... something!” she exclaimed before retreating up the stairs.

John thought he heard a mumble from her that sounded like the all too familiar phrase “Men!” as she made her way back to the relative calmness of the her office, no doubt to think up a suitable speech on responsibility - and devise the most evil punishment ever for something that by all rights she ought to be amused by. It wasn't everyday that the men of Atlantis paraded around in the buff, and it was all harmless fun, or so he thought until Beckett's annoyed voice came in over the radio.

“Major, I've got one of your military lasses with a concussion and seven scientists calling in with assorted injuries. Lt. Harris' spouting off about about how lovely Rodney is or some tripe like that - just what has been going on? ”

John swallowed nervously, there went that excuse. Thank God Kavanagh was going in there first.

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