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More toil - SGA 1x11 - McKay/Weir Shippy Review

Another shippy review, this time for "The Eye".


I just couldn't resist analysing this one. Thanks to Tvtwiz and Tara for the transcript I'm using (though there was a mistake I found and corrected and some other modifications)

Wow, an ep that starts off very shippy!
Sort of goes down hill from there I suppose, with possible Shep/Weir or as I like to think of it as simply friendship with Shepphards guilt over him causing her death. Any relief I reckon is more to do with not being responsibe for it and also why he's so gungho aobut getting her from Kolya - like to lose her at the end would be a further failure on his part. It's his job to protect them but they are both his friends too. That along with Elizabeth and Rodney's distancing of themselves makes Shep/Weir stand out but I don't really see it as romantic - can't disuade me from my belief. At the very least there's McKay's care for her that goes deep enough to do such a thing, even if it might be one way feelings.

But then how much more shippy can you get than being willing to sacrifice your life for someone, even though Rodney didn't intend to that's what his actions amounted to until he managed to persuade Kolya they were both needed.

Kolya has pistol pointed at Elizabeth, she's gapes a litte, obviously afraid.
SHEPPARD: Kolya!! (shot moves back to control room, heard over radio) Kolya! Don't do this!!
WEIR: How is this going to help you get what you want?
KOLYA: Sheppard put you in this position not me.

He jumps out when her words fail her and its clear Kolya is deadly serous.

MCKAY: *stepping in front of weir, pistol on him* You can't do this. This is crazy. You need her.
SORA: She's right! Commander.

(Is it just me or does that bit not make much sense unless there's something we don't know aobut Rodney? *giggle* )
Elizabeth looks so shocked when Rodney steps up like that, like she cant believe he just did that.
Then there's the look of relisation for them both. Her looking to the gun, realising Rodney's now in danger and the so sweet reaisation he's actually in front of the gun, the one still pointed, like that never occured to him when he stepped up and the following nervous babbling whilst he skips glancing between Kolya's face and the gun.

MCKAY: I'm not kidding there are codes required to activate the shields. Codes that only she knows! You can't do it without her. *realizes what he's done and pistol is on him, raises hands* well you can't do this without me either. I mean… we're a package deal… You take us out of the equations and… and… and… and you don't have an endgame. *Genii don't understand* erm…granted…that's a chess term… I'm I'm…my point is…we're the only ones who can fix the grounding station, we're the only ones who can activate the shields, we're the only ones who can solve problems that I can't even think of yet…!! You kill either one of us and you don't get what you want!! *Kolya starts to lower pistol* that's how important we are…its impor---
WEIR: Rodney…Rodney he gets it…
MCKAY: Oh…*Kolya walks off, Weir turns to Sora*
WEIR: I appreciate--
SORA: You're an asset we need to complete this mission. *leaves*
WEIR: You stood in front of a gun for me…
MCKAY: *holding arm* Don't thank me just yet…We have two and a half hours til the storm hits and unless are luck changes drastically. The city is going to be obliterated. *weir closes eyes looks away*

He lied for her!
And quite well considering he's not supposed to be good at it, but somehow when her lifes on the line he manage to think of something and pull the explanation off. She looks surprised he does that too, a slight reaction when she hears him spout off the codes stuff.
She's also gaping a little in background as he tries to describe why he's needed too and intently watching at first Rodney and then Kolya for his reaction to Rodney's words.

I love the whole 'we're a package deal'! Yay, such a good quote for someone to make a icon with.

She looks almost ready to panic when Rodney's explaining the chess term, like she really can't tell what will happen. Quite a sad look too.
Very sweet when she calms him down, he looks like he's getting so distraught and then there's a sigh as he sees she's right about Kolya understanding.

There's the small touch to his back after that too before she talks to Sora.
Weird how he automatically changes topic from aobut him standing in front of the gun to we're going to be obliterated - almost like he doesn't want a discussion of it, trying to belittle and avoid what he did.

SCENE: Grounding Station 3. Mckay, Weir and Kolya.
MCKAY: *walks over to control panel* Oh would you look at this?! That is just never going to be useful again. *pulls off panel* I should be able to bypass the switching station entirely.
KOLYA: Good. how long?
MCKAY: It's not half as bad as it looks… I'd say 15-20 minutes tops.
KOLYA: Do it.
MCKAY: Dr Weir I need you too…*waves*
WEIR: Right of course…*bends down with torch*
MCKAY: Keep that there.

Elizabeth seems to give him look when he's telling Kolya how long it will take and he's distancing her after that moment of heroism - suddenly she's Dr Weir, at least in front of Kolya as they are most of the episode.

WEIR: Why did ya tell him you could have this fixed in 15 to 20 minutes?!
MCKAY: Oh I don't know…*stands, weir following* maybe…uh…So He Wouldn't kill us!
WEIR: I understand that. But once the shield is operational, we won't be very useful now will we?
MCKAY: Why did you let me tell him I could fix it in 15 to 20---
WEIR: You'll just have to stall him some more.
MCKAY: Well, I just told him how long it will take.
WEIR: Well find another problem with it! I…tell him that the power- loop interface isn't jiving with your walkabout! Something!
MCKAY: Isn't Jiving?!
WEIR: Rodney You get my point! Look…from the sounds of it…if we can buy Sheppard enough time it seems he can take care of the rest of them on his own.

Their argument is cool too, the jiving thing! Elizabeth trying to invent technobabble. Lol.

MCKAY: If he asks what's taking so long…you have to do all the talking ok?
WEIR: You'll be fine
MCKAY: No no I won't…I'm a terrible bluffer. I've lost fortunes in poker. Look my eye twitches. I laugh inappropriately. It's not pretty.
KOLYA: What's our progress?! *Mckay Jumps*
WEIR: We've hit a small snag. *they get up* We just running a diagnosis to make sure we can interface our codes properly. *Kolya looks at Mckay*
MCKAY: It's a small snag. Small snag. It's like Half an hour at the most. *what little light was on goes out*

Odd how he says hes a bad bluffer but he bluffed on the codes for shield to save her. Hmm.

LADEN: Commander. Major Sheppard has just disabled another generator.
KOLYA: Yes Laden, we're aware of that. He's cut the power to grounding station three. *To Mckay* Can it still be repaired?
MCKAY: *bends down* without power? No.
KOLYA: *Paces* Can the plan be completed without it? The other three grounding stations have been disabled.
MCKAY: No. No *gets up* It's just no good enough! Look by uncoupling the grounding stations it means that when lighting strikes the city… the electricity will have no where to go! Now if we can channel the electricity properly to the conduits that mine the city corridors we should be able to power the shield. Temporarily. But if any of these grounding stations are left active a sizable amount of electricity will find its way to ground and no shield.

By the explanation he gives to Kolya about grounding stations he either didn't tell Kolya much during the interrogation or Kolya didn't understand it the first time.
I do wonder if thecant fix it without power was another bluff he thought he could get away with but it's probably just something that was true.

SORA: (on radio to Kolya) Sheppard has raised the gate shield
KOLYA: Shut it down. Turn it off.
SORA: I don't know how. Laden is unconscious.
KOLYA: *to McKay* Tell her the procedure!
MCKAY: *backs away* I don't know what he's done…
KOLYA: Tell her!
MCKAY: He must have entered his own personal command code.
KOLYA: *Holding McKay just by balcony edge* What is it?
MCKAY: I don't know!
WEIR: Only Sheppard would know it!
MCKAY: Trust me I'm not that brave. I would help you if I could,
KOLYA: *to Weir* You have command codes!
Gate shuts down.
SORA: It's no use it's over. The gate has shut down…there are no more men coming.
KOLYA: How many men made it?
SORA: Five. 5 of 60.
Kolya pushes McKay further back. Weir grabbing at his arms.
MCKAY: You still need me if you want this city! You still need both of us.
Kolya lets go and walks off. Weir glances over edge, storm getting worse.

There it's almost like Rodney forgets his bluff that they need her too and corrects himself about them needing both of them.
Despite them being the baddies it still sort of sickens me to hear Sora say that line, aobut how many made it.

Almost immediately after Kolya lets go of him she puts hand out to his chest and then wrapping it round along with other to support him as he falters after being let go. Looks like she touches her face or cheek to his shoulder briefly too. could look like she was going for a hug but changed it at his faltering. She pushes him back when he almost leans back over railing when unsteady on his feet. Then he covers face with hands like it all a bit too much to deal with today (who can blame him) and she steadies him, looking very disturbed to see what a vilent storm he was hanging over.

At first they sit on steps each on own but she seems shivering and looking to Rodney at one point, whilst he seems to be looking out to distance thinking

SHEPPARD: *stops walking down steps*……Weirs alive??!
KOLYA: Doctor McKay was able to make a strong case for keeping her alive…
SHEPPARD: Let me talk to her.
KOLYA: *looks at Weir, walks over, she stands*
WEIR: Sheppard! We're both here!
SHEPPARD: *relieved* It's good to hear you're voice
WEIR: Yeah it's good to hear

Then there's the above 'good to hear your voice' bit, something for the Shep/Weir fans. Maybe she meant to say its good to hear your voice only I can't detect the starting on the word 'your', more blunt cut off. Like she agrees its good to hear her own voice, to be alive but Rodney does have some look on his face as he looks up to her after that. Is followed by a grim look out over the sea, like he's upset or further disappointed with way things are going. Hes' jealous that she shows concern for Sheppard?

KOLYA: We have less than one hour until the storm hits full force. If the power is not returned to grounding station three within the next 10 minutes Dr Weir dies.
SHEPPARD: Again you mean?
KOLYA: Her death will buy you another 10 minutes. After which should the power still be out. Dr McKay Dies. We will then leave with what we can, and the city will be destroyed.
SHEPPARD: Well that's not enough time!
KOLYA: If you don't mind destroying Atlantis, stay where you are for the next 20 minutes. Starting now.

When Kolya starts on the Weir-will-die (again), Mckay has a further depressed expression but so cute at the same time!

After then it's when we see the 'going to die and/or getting much colder' inspired huddling on the steps quite tightly.

SCENE: Grounding station 3. The power comes on. McKay's hugging Weir….both trying to keep warm
KOLYA: It seems major Sheppard wants you to live. Let's get back to work.
They get up walking over to start working again.

Rodney seems to wipe his face, top half near eyes, before looking to Kolya. Also looks like he looks to her face to see Elizabeth's reaction to the line 'Major Sheppard wants you to live'.

McKay fixes last wire, both stand.
MCKAY: If this doesn't work
WEIR: It will
MCKAY: I'm just saying if it doesn't work…
WEIR: It will
MCKAY: I'm sure it will! But in the unlikely event that it doesn't I- --
WEIR: Rodney! Please.
Moves crystal accordingly…the thing disconnects.
KOLYA: Fantastic.
MCKAY: Oh thank god.

As for that conversation, she looks back to Kolya, like she doesnt want to have it in front of the guy. She looks so happy when it all works and looks to Rodney first.

SCENE: Grounding station three.
MCKAY: Now I need to run the subroutine that will convince the input buffer to the shield generator to attenuate the raw electricity into useful power. I can only do that from the control room. That's where doctor weirs codes come in.
WEIR: Yes.

They share a look whilst he lies once more about the codes.
She's shivering again but then in next scene when in control room they seem to lacking jackets but not dry.

SCENE: Control room

LADEN: The winds are getting stronger and the wave heights are growing.
WEIR: You need to keep stalling.
MCKAY: What for?
WEIR: Major Sheppard is still out there. If you activate—
KOLYA: Now McKay!
MCKAY: It's done. Dr Weir, I need to enter your codes now
WEIR: Yes of course. 7 9 4 2 1
WEIR: 0 3 2 4 5
MCKAY: And the second sequence?
WEIR: *Gives him a look and starts on the next one*

They are huddled across console very close, discussing plans by look of it as they are latter on when she mentions stalling which is done nicely with the codes. Once more its Dr Weir intead of Elizabeth.

He bluffs the code thing well enough and also doing well in the next scene - a nice bluff on its not working too, bluffing by exaggerated arrogance, playing what they know of him to help them.

SCENE: Control room
KOLYA: Engage the shield
MCKAY: I'm almost finished
LADEN: A massive wave is approaching from the west. Without the shields…
Shot of the storm approaching the city.
MCKAY: We're starting to get hits on the Northern pier routing power to the corridor now. *taps, beep nothing happens* Now. *does it again, nothing happens* now. *and again* Okay this is a problem.
KOLYA: What? *walks over*
MCKAY: Look I told you this was a long shot from the beginning.
LADEN: We already have serious flooding on the north and west peers.
MCKAY: Its no use the city conduits just can't handle this kind of raw power.
WEIR: Is any power getting to shield generator?
MCKAY: Nominal amounts. Nowhere near enough
KOLYA: You said this would work
MCKAY: I don't know if you noticed or not but I'm an extremely arrogant man who tends to think all of his plans will work. *Kolya punches him*
KOLYA: Idiot
WEIR: Hey this was a long shot at best. Why else would we evacuate the city? It was always our intention to dial out in case this didn't work… within in minutes Atlantis will fail. You can leave and survive or you can go down with the city. You choose.
Shot of the storm and the waters raging against the city.

Interesting to hear him say 'I told you from the beginning' about it being a long shot, makes me wonder how much detail he went inot or not.
Bluffs the arrogance well above his normal level and the angry Kolya takes that as completely true.

During that Elizabeth seems to stand closer to Rodney, moving to behind him to support him and her arm is on his shoulder an instant after the punch.

MCKAY: We're just not getting enough power to the shield generators.
WEIR: Are you really going to sacrifice the lives of all of your men on the off chance that this city won't be completely destroyed?
KOLYA: open the Stargate, start evacuating the remaining men *McKay sighs in relief, types something on computer*
WEIR: You're making the right decision.
KOLYA: You're coming with us.
WEIR: What?
*Four guards move to pin their arms back, grabbing both Weir and McKay -Weir looking to McKay*
KOLYA: You'll both serve the Genii as payment for what you've done.
MCKAY: For what we've done?

Her look to Rodney as he talks back agian, like she wonder what they'll do to him for saying such a thing or the fact they are both going with the Genii. Hard to interpret.

Then there's the part where they get saved (some possible Shep/Weir there) where McKay is trying to convince them its a bad idea to take them.

SHEPPARD: Change of plan *moves to a position to rush the gateroom* You get McKay
MCKAY: *walking downstairs gun in his back* Seriously this is a bad idea! You saw what happened to my last plan…this is not what yo---
Sheppard opens fire killing the two guards behind McKay. Kolya grabs weir using her as a shield while McKay runs to safety. Sheppard does a little tumble and shoots another guard as one makes it through the gate, leaving Kolya holding weir and edging to the gate.
SHEPPARD: You're not going anywhere, *Kolya edges to gate dragging Weir.* I will shoot you if you don't let her go.
KOLYA: And risk hurting Dr. Weir?
SHEPPARD: *stands, as kolya keeps moving back* I'm not aiming at her. *fires a single shot, hitting Kolya as he falls through the gate releasing Weir* Find Teyla and Beckett. Make sure that's all of them. *hurries to Weir as she stands* sorry about that I had to ermm… *quieter* you okay?
WEIR: *shakes head* no
SHEPPARD: You will be come on. *Takes her hand, runs up steps to control room*

Then more tense action.

SCENE: Control room
MCKAY: There's no more time. Either we lose them or we lose the city.
Teyla and Sora enter carrying Beckett.
WEIR: Rodney Go!
MCKAY: Going. *pushes button*
A shot of lighting striking and then the corridors light up like Christmas lights. Outside we see a huge wave headed towards the city.
WEIR: What's happening?
MCKAY: Its working it just needs to build up enough power for the shield generator to activate. wait for it
They wait.
MCKAY: *looks up, sees Beckett* Carson.
BECKETT: Rodney.
MCKAY: Just in time to see how this ends huh?
We get a shot of this wave which is huge - as big as the tallest tower of Atlantis- as it comes closer and closer to the city.
Just as the waves hits the shield activates and the wave passes over it, not touching the city.
WEIR: Nice work Rodney.
MCKAY: Did you ever doubt me?
WEIR: Yes. Several times

Back to first names again and kinda cute when she says she did doubt him.
I really loved the fight sequence before that with Teyla and Sora to, choreography was fabulous, great to watch.
As for the speical effects. The lighting in the city was wonderful and the shield/wave thing too.The greatest special effects I've seen in a tv show so far, as good as if not better than those for the film "The Day after Tomorow". I really love those CGI people of theirs.
Nice continuity too, since watching carefully after those two come in from the grounding station, McKay lacks his jacket but also a blood stain on his jumper sleeve too.

SCENE: Gate room, Sheppard and Weir watch from balcony as all the personnel return home.
SHEPPARD: What do you want to do with her?
WEIR: Oh I don't know yet. We'll keep her locked up for the time being. Maybe releasing her to the Genii will help ease tension.
SHEPPARD: You're extremely optimistic you know that? *Rodney walks over, his arm has a dodgy bandage over his jacket*
WEIR: You think so?
MCKAY: Everyone getting back ok?
SHEPPARD: It looks like it.
WEIR: How fair's our city?
MCKAY: Well…we've begun pumping out the lower levels of the east peer which was flooded. There is structural damage but nothing to serious. Beckett suffered from a minor concussion…as for me look at this *show bandage* I had to do this myself. still…on the bright side I've had my first decent meal in 24 hours so…all things considered I'd say we are just fine.
*Elizabeth turns away to look out, giving a small smile at what Rodney says*
SHEPPARD: You say these things happen every 20 years right?
WEIR: That's what they tell us…
SHEPPARD: How far in advance can we book days off?
*Weir still looking at Sheppard, McKay looking to Weir as well and Weir then walks off through the console area, Sheppard andMcKay walking that way too.*

After at the end she sees to be distacing herself from rodney, looking more to Sheppard with a glance to rodney as he talks but only a small smile at Rodney's comments.Maybe its because she doesn't have anything to say to his comments or maybe she's trying to ignore discussing what he did, at least in front of Sheppard.

Despite the possible multiple ships there it's a very good and shippy episode for McKay/Weir- some nice unrequited McKay love for Weir seems to be there judging by his actions and the words he didn't get to say.
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