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Well recently I've been good, if a little ill.
I found out I get hyperactive on 7 cups of tea - which i'm told is not normal. I also went LARP costume shopping and now have fake leather trousers as well as some brown suede ones. kind of odd ot own some but they are growing on me and I'm assured they are warm and dry for all sorts of weather LARP might throw at you.

Sundays LARP was cool - Henry came along but his character died very quickly. I think he got put off by accidentally breaking one of the old weapons so not sure if he wil be coming along in the future, I can hope so but I'll still go. My character died too in the last encounter. There was lots of running around in that bit, got a mite wheezy but good exercise. My range ronly just died though, shame since I wanted to get to level 2 so maybe one day I could get to use a LARP bow.

Other than that I'm feeling crappy today. Worried I might have chest infection but hoping not :)
Gateworld site is also down, so I decide to spend some time relxing making icons. Properish ones using GIMP for windows. Here ar emy results - prety much Grodin ones because there aren't enough for him and I wanted a Britain's finest icon for my lj.

Anyway, off to write a fic that NotANumber has reminded me aobut and all inspired even if I am hungry, tired and ill.
Going off to see house too tomorow, in the case we might al move to different student house. And then I have 2 hours seminar that I can't avoid however ill I am since I mssed last one..
Oh well.
Tags: games:soc, icons, my graphics, sga, sga:grodin/weir

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