Purpleyin/Hans (missyvortexdv) wrote,

The Journey (M/W friendship? vid)

Another new vid. McKay/Weir - friendship, or more depending on what you want to see. I've been told by those who got the sneak preview that any shippy overtones are subtle and that it could easily be taken as a friendship vid...

The Journey
Song:"The Promise" by When In Rome
Spoilers:All Season 1 and first half Season 2
Summary: Shows the journey Rodney has had to take for their friendship - could be seen as shippy if you like.

Links below, please save as to your computer to save me bandwidth. :)

Medium - 9.2MB - http://www.mcweir.com/vids/purpleyin/Journey-Medium.wmv

High - 26.0MB - http://www.mcweir.com/vids/purpleyin/Journey-High.wmv
Tags: mckay/weir, my vids, sga

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