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Something to think on


Usually go by the name Purpleyin, where possible, except it's taken on livejournal. Personal journal, hence mostly friendslocked. I'm missyvortexdv here and Purpleyin on dreamwidth.

I am attempting mission101 - my list is here

Important Facts

- big film watcher
- scifi/fantasy fan
- anth/arch grad (love me cultures in fiction)
- pantheist pagan
- tend towards scientific & liberal views
- vidder, fic writer and icon make: see purpleyindom

Fandom loves...
new BSG, Boston Legal, Defying Gravity, new Doctor Who 4400, Stargates, Buffy/Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse, Harry Potter, Star Trek (reboot, DS9, Enterprise), Lost, plus a plethora more of shows. :)


Profily layout by bella_sol

24, 4400, a perfect circle, aiden ford, alec/asha, alias, angel, anya, archaeology, as if, atlantis icons, ba'al, battlestar galactica, books, bsg, buffy, carson beckett, cats, charlie/claire, charmed, chocolate, computer games, computers, computing, cordelia chase, coupling, csi, cube, daniel jackson, dark angel, david hewlett, dead like me, dh, diana/marco, doyle/cordelia, draco malfoy, draco/ginny, draco/hermione, draco/myrtle, dreamcast, drusilla, dvds, edgemont, elizabeth weir, equilibrium, evil rodney, fanfiction, fanvids, farscape, films, firefly, foo fighter, gaius baltar, gaius/six, gateworld forums, geekness, gimp, gwen/owen, harry potter, icon making, icons, illyria, john sheppard, kavanagh, kavanagh/simpson, linux, logan cale, logan/max, lorne, lost, mal/inara, mckay, mckay/kusanagi, mckay/kusinagi, mckay/weir, mckay/zelenka, mcshweir, mcweir, mczelenka, movies, muse, music, music videos, nin, nine inch nails, number six, ot3, placebo, poetry, programming, radek/rodney, radiohead, reading, replicarter, replicarter/fifth, replicators, richard kahan, rodney, rodney mckay, rodney/anya, roswell high, sam/ba'al, sam/baal, sam/fifth, sam/pete, seven days, sg-1, sg1, sga, shep, shep/mckay, shep/weir/mckay, sheppard/weir/mckay, simon/kaylee, smifth, song vids, songvids, sora/bates, spike, spike/illyria, star trek, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1, stargate sg1, stargate:atlantis, teyla, teyla/bates, teyla/mckay, teyla/radek, teyla/ronon, the x-files, threshold, torchwood, torri higginson, tv, vidding, vids, voldemort, webpage design, weir, weir/lorne, weir/shep/mckay, weir/zelenka, wes/fred, wes/illyria, wesley/fred, winifred burkle, writing, x files, xander harris